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Help - Track Placeable Use Then Start Event *Solved*

dargno07dargno07 Member Posts: 10
edited April 2019 in Builders - Scripting
Hey, so what i have are 12 pillars scattered across different areas throughout my module, when used the pillars give random XP/GP rewards...

What i'd like to do is have an event activate (once per server reset) for a player once all 12 pillars have been found, maybe a door is unlocked somewhere or w/e.

How would i go about tracking each pillar activation, then start the event based on if last pillar has been found???

I set integers on players, and the event is once per player every server reset, so no need to have it persistent... but i'm having trouble with how to start the event, and how to get when last pillar has been used.

any help would be great.

Here is what i have for each pillar, the ints are different for each one.
void main()
    object oPC = GetLastUsedBy();
    //object oUID = GetItemPossessedBy(oPC, "Menu");
    if (GetLocalInt(oPC, "Anti_Spam"))
    if (GetLocalInt(oPC, "NDREWARD1"))
    DelayCommand(0.5f, FloatingTextStringOnCreature("You were already given a Reward.", oPC, FALSE));
    SetLocalInt(oPC, "Anti_Spam", 1);
    DelayCommand(5.0f, SetLocalInt(oPC, "Anti_Spam", 0));
    DelayCommand(1.5f, FloatingTextStringOnCreature("You have been given a Reward!!!", oPC, FALSE));
    SetLocalInt(oPC, "NDREWARD1", 1);
    //SetLocalInt(oUID, "NDREWARD1", 1);
    switch ( d12() )
        case 1: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 100); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 1000); break;
        case 2: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 200); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 2000); break;
        case 3: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 300); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 3000); break;
        case 4: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 400); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 4000); break;
        case 5: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 500); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 5000); break;
        case 6: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 600); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 6000); break;
        case 7: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 700); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 7000); break;
        case 8: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 800); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 8000); break;
        case 9: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 900); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 9000); break;
        case 10: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 1000); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 10000); break;
        case 11: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 1100); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 11000); break;
        case 12: GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 1200); GiveGoldToCreature(oPC, 12000);

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