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Reinstalling SCS components mid-game

Ahoy there, er'body. I really appreciate your help in figuring out what exactly was going on with the phantom proficiency pips the other day. As it's purely a cosmetic issue, I put it out of my mind and continued the game as before without any further problems for the most part. The only other significant oddity that's come up since then is that Minister Lloyd has been strangely absent from his home in the Umar Hills, but unless he still fails to show when I return from the temple ruins and thus interferes with properly concluding the quest, it shouldn't be of any real concern.

There is only one thing at the moment that is really bugging me, and it is a problem not with the game itself per se, but rather the behavior of a particular component of SCS that I installed. Namely, under the current settings, fiends summoned by enemy spellcasters should not be hostile to their summoners. Unfortunately, this is decidedly not the case; if anything, said fiends almost seem to prioritize attacking my opponents over turning their attention to my party. This is frankly spoiling battles against enemy wizards, as I effectively have a very powerful ally in tearing them to pieces more or less for free. It's no fun, honestly.

How risky would it be to try reinstalling this one component with a game still in progress? Obviously, I don't want to screw things up in much more serious ways for the sake of fixing this one issue. I'll not attempt it without knowing what the potential consequences may be. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, everyone. : D


  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 754
    It will probably be fine (no promises!)

  • SavagostroSavagostro Member Posts: 19
    DavidW when scs32 will be released from beta to full realease?

  • BlomdorBlomdor Member Posts: 26
    edited April 2019
    Thank you, David! That is as positive a response as I could hope for, I suppose, haha. I'll take my chances. It is getting very frustrating watching liches and other high level spellcasters, that normally put up a very interesting challenge, ensure their own demise instead by summoning a rogue glabrezu or some such that immediately decides to have them for lunch while they act as if nothing is the matter. Did this happen in vanilla? It's been a long, long time since I played without various mods, so I don't recall.

    Seriously. There's a lich in the Temple Ruins that I always look forward to fighting, because it's always been a challenge to figure out how to beat him at the levels I usually do that dungeon at, and he's in a very interesting position from a tactical perspective with the floor of lava in the next room and the generally cramped quarters all around. This time...not so much. One of the first things he decided to do was to summon a glabrezu that promptly started chewing on his skull like a dog treat, and then he waded into the lava like a dork and pretty much just...fell over. I didn't do much other than watch sadly as a member of the most feared of undead more or less robbed himself of any shred of dignity, and dealt with the demon afterwards. This is not how battles against liches are generally supposed to go, man.

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  • BlomdorBlomdor Member Posts: 26
    Well, summoned fiends are now behaving as they should and there seems to be nothing new amiss. However, Minister Lloyd has indeed failed to show even after completing the Temple Ruins, which prevents me from finally marking the quest as actually finished in the journal. Only thing to do is spawn him with the console, I suppose.

    When I first came to the Umar Hills, it was with the sole purpose of recruiting Valygar so that I could get inside the Planar Sphere and obtain it as a stronghold for my illusionist/thief PC. I did not even follow Lloyd into his home after he dispersed the crowd to speak with him. Perhaps this has something to do with this bug. Not sure.

    Thanks again, guys.

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