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How do i add a script to a spell?

David77David77 Member Posts: 29
Newish to nearinfinity: trying to alter a script that buffs long lasting spells:

Hi, i have a script that buffs protection from fire etc on the party.

My qu is, i have a mod added spell spd.602 or something (cleric protection from cold).

In NI if i copy the script for protection from fire i can change the green text spw.xx to the new ir whatever and description, but the red text is looking for the spell from 'ids'.

If i open eekeeper i can see the new spell prot from cold has no 'script description' like protection from fire.

I have tried adding a line the to ids file but it seems i am missing something.

I basically want to have this new spell (in the override folder) used in the script.

Any help is apreiciated!



  • David77David77 Member Posts: 29
    Here are some pictures to give a good idea:
    From what I can tell the green text is cosmetic maybe, what may be shown on the screen, and the red is actually looking for the file (which it cant find).
    The file is named SPDR302.
    I added a totally random line in the spell.ids file but its under an open space '1200'.
    The eekeeper shows the spell to not have a 'script name'.

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