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Curious about killing Parisa

Hey all, back after a semi-vacation.

I had just finished recruiting Haer'Dalis and left the Five Flagons Inn. Parisa pops up with a Shadow Thief. makes a short dialogue about inviting the thief into her vampire guild, then charms the thief when the thief refuses. Once charmed, both Parisa and the thief run off. Parisa seems to have Boots of Speed, she runs pretty fast for the nearest door, which happens to be the Five Flagons Inn.

I want to know how I can kill Parisa and the thief before they disappear. It rubs me the wrong way that vampires are allowed to escape. Why can't my party members tackle her to block her escape?

Would tossing fireballs into their general area kill them and I get the EXP? Or do I lose reputation and piss off the city guard? There's a NPC nearby named Bel Dalemark.


  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 2,136
    Why toss fireballs when you could toss Azuredge?

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,578
    fire arrow is also lev 3 and is on target, does not damage neutral people.

    use the best enchanted ammo for the ranged attackers.
    equip a tank with the best shield and every item that boost ac, if is level drained a temple can fix the thing, or use jan with pfmw, the vampire has an enchanted attack, if he can't hit he can't level drain.

    there are spells that damage the undeads, and also weapons with increased damage against them.
    focus on the vampire, kill him quick before he runs away, if the thief runs away is not a big deal.
    just the fun of the battle and some xp, no special loot :)

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