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Like Dishonored? Got it for PC? This is for you. (Code has been taken)

RyknRykn Member Posts: 30
edited October 2012 in Off-Topic
So I'm still in the game and enjoying myself a lot and amazon suddenly gives me two codes for their backstreet butcher pack. Now I could probably sell it on ebay and get some cash but giving it to someone who likes Baldur's gate as much as I do makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So here's a gift and it's first come first serve. I bought the PC version so I assume it will only work with steam.

Thou who obtains (obtainest maybe even though spellchecker says no) this code, I ask of thee that next time you get the chance to do something charitable to keep the ball rolling and get your chance to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Your all awesome, best regards from Rykn.
promotional code: WPD9W-RYKIP-DHD2Q (It's been nabbed)

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