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Morkfel's BG:EE AI Scripts

MorkfelMorkfel Member Posts: 27
So back in 2011 or so I was playing PST and made my own AI scripts. I've fairly well gotten to a version 1.0 with BGEE so I've made them available here.

BasicATK - Includes innate abilities, potion/wand use, etc. The only thing removed is Arcane/Divine spells.
Arcane - the above with Arcane spellcasting
Divine - the above with Divine spellcasting
KitchenSink - All of the above

General Info:
The scripts start go through the following phases until they pick an action;
  • Avoiding other charmed PCs
  • Switching weapons (range of 5)
  • Clearing poison
  • Staying alive
  • Using daily charges (items)
  • Executing downed trolls/slimes*
  • Utility spells
  • CC spells
  • Debuffs
  • Summoning
  • Defensive Spells
  • Ranged Offensive Spells
  • Melee Offensive spells
  • Summon items
  • Use Wands**
  • Use Potions***
  • Attacking
  • Moving Away
  • Out-of-combat abilities****

* The execution of Fission Slimes is poorly implemented because it can be difficult to time a killing blow when the power of the party varies over time. In practical terms, high level PCs blow Fission Slimes apart making more slimes before the execution runs smoothly. Trolls are executed reliably in my testing.

** Wands are only used when in the quick slots*****

*** Potions are only used when in the quick slots with the exception of Antidote and Healing Potions, which are used from anywhere.*****

**** Out-of-combat abilities includes making and using Goodberries automatically, curing disease, casting (lesser) restoration and detecting traps/illusions.

***** Wands and most Potions are only used from quick slots for two reasons (a) to prevent characters from using items their class/etc wouldn't normally allow for and, (b) to give the player more control over what items their characters use via script.

Not Implemented:
Stealth/backstab - assign a different script to that character. I'm using a swashbuckler so I won't be implementing it in the near future. I'm sure someone has a nice BS script out there - these scripts can be mixed and matched.

To Do:
Daily charges for the following items (non-exhaustive):
Completed in v1.1

Any feedback is more than welcome as they're still under development as I play. One of the major frustrations I've had is with low-level characters. When your wizard only has 4 hp and any single hit can kill him/her, it's hard to script healing appropriately - the loss of 1 hp puts them at 75% health.

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  • MorkfelMorkfel Member Posts: 27
    edited May 2019
    Updated to include 'Magewar' spells and all the daily charge items I could find.

    Stealth/Backstab still not implemented.

    Potion Information:
    Scripted - Used only from Quickslots:
    • POTN02.ITM (Potion of Fire Resistance)
    • POTN22.ITM (Potion of Cold Resistance)
    • POTN21.ITM (Potion of Clarity)
    • POTN24.ITM (Potion of Defense)
    • POTN14.ITM (Oil of Speed)

    Scripted - Used from Inventory:
    • POTN20.ITM (Antidote)
    • POTN17.ITM (Elixir of Health)
    • POTN08.ITM (Potion of Healing)
    • POTN52.ITM (Potion of Extra Healing)
    • MISC98.ITM (Durlag's Goblet)

    Wand Information:
    Scripted - Used only from Quickslots:
    • WAND18.ITM (Wand of Spell Striking)
    • WAND19.ITM (Wand of Cursing)
    • WAND02.ITM (Wand of Fear)
    • WAND08.ITM (Wand of Sleep)
    • WAND04.ITM (Wand of Paralyzation)
    • WAND09.ITM (Wand of Polymorphing)
    • WAND10.ITM (Wand of Monster Summoning)
    • WAND11.ITM (Wand of the Heavens)
    • WAND06.ITM (Wand of Frost)
    • WAND03.ITM (Wand of Magic Missiles)
    • WAND12.ITM (Wand of Magic Missiles)

    Not Scripted (Due to Friendly Fire):
    • WAND05.ITM (Wand of Fire)
    • WAND07.ITM (Wand of Lightning)
    • WAND13.ITM (Wand of Cloudkill)

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