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Android premium modules (I already own on PC)

I purchased NWN:EE Digital Deluxe (once on GOG and once on Steam) so have all the premium modules.

The Android version wants me to buy them yet again - not overly cool when I've got them twice already...

I tried copying the DOD NWM from PC to Android but it complains about the (legit) expansion not being legal :(


  • ShaidenShaiden Member, Developer Posts: 181
    Hi there!

    So just to check, you're copying all requisite files, the mod file, any associated files (language, music, etc).

    Is your NWN up to date? I'm curious as to if this might be causing an issue.

    Is this working on any non-DoD build?


  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 619
    edited May 9
    I have to admit to being puzzled. Not to your ability to transfer illegally a paid for product but to your thinking that it would be all right to do so. If you had an xbox, a playstation and a Nintendo switch would you think that it was (assuming it was possible) alright to pirate say a playstation game to play on your xbox or switch. Piracy is piracy however you want to dress it up.

    You could quite legally play the free version of Darkness Over Daggerford that was previously released you know.


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