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(BG1) No shortage of Kolvar

WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
edited November 2012 in Fixed
Kolvar is a person who appears in Baldur's Gate in chapter 7. After talking with the player (Monty and/or Xzar required), he will EscapeArea and immediately reappear at his original location. This is due to an ill-designed spawn block in the area script. It can be fixed by having the area script set a variable when it creates him, in order to make sure it only happens once (it is the conventional way of doing it).

COPY_EXISTING ar1200.bcs override
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~\(!Dead("Kolvar")\)~ ~\1 Global("KolvarSpawn","GLOBAL",0)~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~\(CreateCreature("KOLVAR",\[1215\.625\],0)\)~ ~\1 SetGlobal("KolvarSpawn","GLOBAL",1)~

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