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Mulmaster, City of Danger - Roleplay Persistent World

SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
Welcome to Mulmaster, City of Danger, a Persistent Role Play World unfolding in the Forgotten Realms.

Set in the vast metropolis of Mulmaster, a bastion of evil in the Moonsea area of Faerûn, it is a city of wicked schemes and plots executed by the High Blade and his ruling council the Blades, all nobility of the highest status.
On the other side of the city, the common folks live in squalor; the cold, damp climate, and the harsh winds of the Moonsea makes living here a a game of survival. Mulmasterites live by the motto; "Take for yourself what you can today, for tomorrow may never come", whilst they longingly look up the hills, where hateful fences devide the fat, decadent nobility from the rest.

Join the forces of Evil, or take up the mantle of resistance in this lore-rich city of story lines, plots and quest chains in a living, breathing persistent world.

Type: Roleplay with story

EXP: Slow advancement. Low level PC's enjoy a +25 % bonus to EXP

Level cap: 20

Difficulty: D&D Hardcore Rules, no Item Level Restrictions, Party exploration encouraged

Death Penalty: 200 exp / level, 10% gold, no permadeath

Magic loot level: LOW, +3 enhancement cap, Custom tables with uniques

Survival elements: Hunting, Cooking, Hunger and Thirst system, Cold Weather system


Henchmen for solo play: To speak as an associate (summon, henchman), select the creature once via the select tool (special abilities radial menu), and type .talk followed by what you want your associate to say

Item Durability: Repair your weaponry and armour with the new skills Repair Armour and Repair Weapon

Custom Crafting: Potion, Scroll and Wand

For haks, visit: , or newer.

If you're on Steam, just Subscribe to our haks!

You can also join our text-only Discord

See you in Mulmaster!

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  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    edited December 2017
    I've recieved inquiries about races allowed, subraces, and prestige classes. So I thought I'd add info here.

    First off, it's Role Play server.
    Allowed races are the standard races, as Mulmaster mainly is a human city. So, we don't want a bunch of strange races running around. The same goes for subraces. No drow. Period.

    As far as prestige classes are concerned, we use the standard ones with the addition of one of our own make; the elven Bladesinger. More might be added in the future.

    I hope that clarifies things. If not, feel free to ask here.

    See you in there. :)

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  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    edited May 2019
    Come join great role playing and discover the intrigue and mysteries. :)

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  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    edited May 2019
    Here are some new things to check out:

    *Script-generated loot now has a chance to apply a "(padded)" property on appropriate magical and non-magical equipment, providing a bonus to insulation.

    *Added insulation bonuses to appropriate spells, such as Endure Elements and the like.

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  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    Here are some more features from Mulmaster.

    Languages are important to those who want to decipher old texts found throughout the world, using the Deciphering Tool. For instance, a dwarven tomb in the mountains with inscriptions on the graves, might hold clues how to get to the treasure. But, first you must decipher it. Any PC who knows Dwarven can do this.

    Mulmaster sits on the south-eastern shore of the Moonsea, where the cold winds rushes east through the mountain passes of the Galenas and the Earthspurs, thus making Mulmaster a cold, windy and damp place.

    Every clothing slot on your character yields a certain amount of insulation, reducing the amount your body temperature is lowered from being in cold temperatures. The more you are wearing, the better you are off. The colder you get, the harsher the penalties, such as decreased AC, saves, and attack bonus. Investing in a warm cloak would be wise and fitting insulation kits to your armour is imperative if you're to brave the Eathspur Mountains.

  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    edited May 2019
    Our updated hak and tlk are now live!

    New features in version 1.1:
    *New base class Archer.
    *New prestige class Archmage.
    *Custom feats for the new classes.
    *New spells: Create Water, Comprehend Languages, and Khelben's Luck.
    *Red Dragon Disciple and Purple Dragon Knight are disabled.
    *1 new original music track, used in the city at night.

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  • DragontraDragontra Member Posts: 14
    I've been playing Mulmaster a fair bit over Christmas and I thought i'd take a moment to endorse it.

    The setting is interesting, has a lot of potential and allows for a wide range of character concepts to co-exist. Meanwhile the module is already well fleshed out and endeavors to do inventive things with the setting, without treating players too harshly. For instance if you wander the back alleys too much you may trigger a random encounter and be attacked for your coin-purse, but even with a level one character I was able to survive this with a bit of preparation. Likewise the survival systems, whilst not so insignificant to be ignore-able, aren't overbearing and haven't impeded my ability to enjoy the lower levels.

    So far, a big thumbs up over here.

    Sidenote: The haks etc were straightforward enough to download and install for me but if you run into any trouble i'd recommend posting on the forums, Snottling is very active and i'm sure would get you sorted out in no time.

  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    Do as Dragontra and join the fun. You can play as a Red Wizard, ally with High Blade Selfaril, or join the Brotherhood of the Cloak. You can also side with the forces of good. The possibilities are many.

    We have spells like Tenser's Floating Disc, Create Water, Corpse Candle and more.
    Play as our new base class the Archer, or become an elven Bladesinger, or why not a high level Archmage.

  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    edited May 2019
    We now have a Discord text-only for Mulmaster. Come join us at

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  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    Version 1.2: (Mar 22, 2018)

    *Added access to the player menu through a useable feat, free for all characters. This can be found the radial menu, special abilities.

    *Replaced the "Deciphering Tool" with a useable feat, also free for all characters. This can be found the radial menu, special abilities.

    *New skills: Repair Weapon, and Repair Armor. Sadly durability on armour and shields isn't currently possible. But we remain hopeful that Beamdog decides to fix the required script functionality.

    *Modified tlk to reflect the new item durability system in base item descriptions. Weapons and armour should now display a hardness property. This value makes the item lose less durability points on hit.

    *Added custom item properties "Hardness Modifier" and "Indestructible".

    *New spell: Mend.You can repair weaponry for gold.

    *Another new original music track, used in the Traveller's Quarters.

    *Removed a redundant hak file. File size is around 250 mb smaller.

    *Archer's BAB has been adjusted to that of a cleric. We want Precise Aim to be useful.

    *Level Up can now only be done in safe areas, e.g. within the city walls, at the elves in Cormanthor, and at the dwarves in the mountains. Other safe places will possibly be added as the module grows. You need to reflect on your new abilitites and that can only be done in safety. When you reach a new level and you aren't in safety, you continue to accumulate EXP until you finaly can level up if safety. It adds a certain thrill not wanting to die when you reach a new level!

    *Revised EXP system. It should now be more noticeable when you combat foes that are higher or lower level than you. Global EXP has been lowered.

    *Lost EXP on death is now 100/level.

    *Rebuilt Earthspur Mountains to better reflect the climate.

    *Housing and persistent storage are now live for beta-testing.

    A word on durability

    All melee weapons have durability points. The larger the weapon size, the more durability points it has. Ranged weapons do not have durability points. When using your melee weapon in combat, it slowly wears down and eventaually breaks. To counter this the weapon smith repairs melee weapons for gold. You can also invest skill points in Repair Wepon and repair yourself with a repair hammer. The more ranks, the more you repair and the cheaper it gets.

  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    Hak Update 1.3 is Live!
    Version 1.3: (Jun 18, 2018)

    *Added 5 new original music tracks, specifically composed for this PW. Every city district now has its distinct theme.

    *Replaced the feat used for deciphering with a multi-purpose select tool.

    *Repair Armor skill is now functional. Armour and shield durability is now working thanks to Beamdog's patches, which included the ability to properly set custom PC event scripts.

    *Wemic and Brownie races (CEP) have been set as non-player races, due to new GUI changes from Beamdog, allowing them to show up at character creation.

    *Added two new PnP spells, Enlarge and Reduce. Also possible due to Beamdog's updates, allowing scripted object transformation (scaling, etc)

    Plus a lot of minor tweaks and fixes.

  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    edited May 2019
    Here are some infomation about house rules and other important stuff:

    NOTE: The standard crafting system has been disabled in favour of our own crafting system. However Craft Trap works as normal. Craft armor and weapon skills have been replaced by Repair Armor and Repair Weapon skills.

    Also note that social skills like Bluff, Intimidate, Gather Information and Persuade are very important.

    While we are somewhat Hard Core, we don't have Permadeath.

    The archer is ranged variation of the fighter, keeping their distance to enemies rather thatn rushing into combat. The Archer is well-trained inmarksmanship and may prove to be deadly both in plain sight and concealment.
    - Hit die: d6
    - Proficiencies: All simple and martial weapons, light amour, no shields.
    - Skill points: (4 at 1st level) 4 + INT modifier.
    - Bowman: A passive feat, gained at 1st level. The Archer add her DEX modifier as damage bonus when wielding bows or crossbows.
    - Precise Aim: an activated feat, gained at 3rd level. The Archer may temporarily gain +1 to attack bonus, +1 for every three ranks in Spot, lasting five rounds. Uses per day: 1 + 1 every 2nd level.
    - Sneak Attack: The Archer may choose sneak attack as bonus feats. 1 d6 available at 5th level, 2 d6 at 10th level, 3 d6 at 15th.
    Of the roving elves, there are few as deadly as the Bladesinger. They are masters of their weapons and have spent their lives in the study of the bladesong. They have also learnt to cast spells while engaged in combat, and thus they double their might.
    While some characters may stay at home to defend the elven way, Bladesingers go out and actively promote it. They do this by seeking out their race's foes and eliminating them, either through words or through actions. Acting as both diplomats and one-elf armies, they ensure the safety of the elf race.
    The poised steps of the bladesong not only reveals the Bladesinger to be a creature of beauty even during battle, but the steps also carry him into advantageous positions for either offense or defense. He can instinctively grasp the flow of the battle around him, and his feet will carry him through the intricate maneuvers necessary to optimise his attack.
    The Bladesinger is always identifiable by his weapon and cat-like grace. Such a weapon is always ornate and beautiful, enhancing the Bladesinger's appearance in battle.
    - Hit Die: d8.
    - Proficiencies: Light and medium armor proficiency.
    - Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier.

    Alignment: Any non-lawful and non-evil.
    Race: Elf.
    Base Attack Bonus: +3
    Feats: Weapon Focus (Longsword), Dodge.
    Skills: Concentration 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks.
    Spellcasting: Able to cast 3rd-level arcane spells.

    1: Bladesong - +2 dodge AC and -20% spell failure while active.
    Bladesinger Finesse - Adds dex modifier to attack bonus while wielding a longsword.
    2: Combat Casting
    3: Uncanny Dodge I
    4: Improved Bladesong - +4 dodge AC, -20% spell failure while active, and one extra attack per round.
    5: Evasion
    6: Spring Attack
    8: Bladesong Mastery - +6 dodge AC, -20% spell failure while active, and one extra attack per round.
    10: Improved Combat Casting - Enemies gain no attack of opportunity when you cast spells in melee.

    The highest art is magic - often refered to as the Art. Its most advanced practitioners are frequently archmages, bendidng spells in ways unavailable to other spellcasters. The Archmage gains strange powers and the ability to alter spells in remarkable ways.
    - Hit die: d4
    - proficiencies: none
    - Skill points: 2 + INT modifier

    Alignment: any.
    Feats: skill focus; spellcraft.
    Skills: Lore 15 skill ranks, Spellcraft 15 skill ranks.
    Class: minimum 16 levels sorcerer or wizard.

    1: Spell Power 1: +1 to spell DC
    2: Spell Power 2: +1 to spell DC (accumulates)
    3: Mastery of Elements: May alter damage type of spells
    We only use standard races. No drow. Period. No subraces. Also, we allow only standard classes, along with a few additional prestige classes. Disabled prestige classes Red Dragon Disciple and Purple Dragon Knight.

    FACTIONS: These are the factions you can join in Mulmaster:
    The Church of Azuth, Neutral - PC's interested in the teachings of magic, knowledge and spells.
    The Church of Bane, Evil - PC's driven by evil, destrution, hatred and tyranny.
    The Church of Cyric, Evil - PC's that enjoys deception, illusion, intrigue, lies, murder and strife.
    The Church of Loviatar, Evil - PC's that is drawn to hurting, agony, torment, suffering and torture.
    The Church of Tempus, Neutral - PC's drawn towards honorable battle and war.
    The Church of Tymora, Good - PC's interested in adventuring, good fortune, skill, victory and gambling.
    The Cloaks, Evil, Neutral - Arcane casters who serve the High Blade.
    The Hawks, Evil, Neutral - Rogue-types serving the High Blade
    The Soldiery, Evil, neutral - Most classes who serves the High Blade, the Blades and the nobility, in that order.
    The Wave & Wink, Good, Neutral - all good or neutral PC's feeling oppressed in Mulmaster.

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  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    Just wanted you to know;

    Now you can speak as an associate (summon, mercenary, and later; henchman). Select the creature once via the select tool (special abilities radial menu), and type .talk , followed by what you want your associate to say. Quick slot the select tool for easier use.

    It is the product of a long-standing feature that only I have, namely being able to DM (talk as NPC's) as a player.

  • GerardosGerardos Member Posts: 3
    Mulmaster PW is an absolute masterpiece. I have been playing on this server for the past 6 months at least, and I am still encountering new and intriguing content and story. It is rich in Forgotten Realms lore, intertwined quests and story lines. It's incredibly well balanced and well designed for group based RP but still caters to solo play with hire-able mercenaries and henchmen that level with you and can be equipped and guided. There is not a boring character level of content in this well-designed world with plenty to do and explore. I would recommend this PW to everyone looking to return to the glory of NWN gaming days with a high quality, rich and immersive PW. Many long time friends from previous servers have found a lasting and satisfying gaming home on Mulmaster.

  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    We are quickly nearing the end of the beta testing phase. Thus, I am happy to annouce that the 1st of June, we are going live! There will be a new hak and tlk available.

    Events are planned to get you nose-deep in the plots of the schemers.
    So, a warm welcome this Saturday to you all!

  • SnottlingSnottling Member Posts: 78
    It's finally the 1st of June and we are LIVE!

    I'd like to invite you to Mulmaster. We are a small but friendly community, keen on helping new players. So, please, try us out. If you like RP and storytelling, you'll love it here.

    Welcome! :)

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