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Jaheira and Imoen in Chapter 6?

I'm faced with a dilemma in Chapter 6. I have my main party of CHARNAME, Mazzy, Keldorn, Aerie, and Jan. They've been doing pretty well, and I have been having a lot of fun with them. I have my 6th slot filled by Imoen for Chapters 4 and 5, and now for Chapter 6. My dilemma is whether to keep Imoen for the rest of the game for plot reasons and dialogues, or if I have to drop her for Jaheira.

Here's the problem:

In Chapter 3, I had a save before doing Jaheira's Harper Hold questline. After completing it, including all the Harper fights, she got really pissy when I tried to dismiss her to empty the 6th slot for Imoen before heading to Spellhold. It seems like Jaheira is gone from the game for good if I do that. So I reloaded to a save when Jaheira is gone from the party temporarily after resting and getting the note from Terminsel. That's where Jaheira goes to Harper Hold by herself without me and my party. Then I left that quest unfinished so I could keep 6th slot open for Imoen and head over to Chapter 4 and Spellhold.

Now fast forward to Chapter 6. I still have Jaheira's quest open. I can go after Bodhi now, since I've finished all the sidequests available. I just have Jaheira's quest and the main questline to do.

My dilemma is this. Do I drop Imoen after killing Bodhi, and pick up Jaheira and finish her quest, and be stuck with Jaheira until end of the game? Or do I need to keep Imoen from now until end of game? And if I keep Imoen, will I lose Jaheira in ToB, or will I still get her in ToB? Also, will Jaheira get mad and leave game forever in ToB if I dismiss her there too?

What should I do with Imoen and Jaheira?



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,811
    since you already have jan, you dont really need imoen, plus it also depends on what your main character is

    what you can do which i believe to be a "safe option" is if you want to boot jaheira out of your team; put her inside a house or building or area where she is by herself, and then boot her out and as long as you dont go back to that building she wont threaten of leaving

    in ToB, unless you had a romance with her im pretty sure she stays in the pocket plane if you boot her, so if you do the building trick in SoA i want to say you will be safe in ToB

    or if you want, you could even replace jan for imoen, imoen has just enough thief abilities to pick all the locks and disarm all the traps that you will need to do to get by, the only advantage jan has over imoen is the fact that he gets traps and UAI, so if you dont need jan for UAI or traps then imoen is a better fit, unless again jan is in your group because of his banter perhaps

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    edited May 2019
    i agree that if you dismiss jaheira you loose her only for the rest of soa, but will be available in tob, all the npcs that you interacted with in soa are available in tob.

    i doubt that you can conclude the haprer's quest in the little time you still have in soa, chap 6 and the rest are really short, you are really close to the end.
    and one of harper's quest timers in a real time one, so to sleep many times does not work, you have to fiddle with game variables altering the timer ones with eekeeper or an other tool if you want to do it without leaving the game idle but running for a couple of rl days.

    about the uselfulnes of imoen or jaheira in tob i strongly disagree with @sarevok57.
    jan is not a good main mage, his being a specialist let him catch up partially as spells memorized, but at the price to loose necromancy, that is one of the best resources of dmg of a main mage in tob.

    a main mage in tob can use a PI, and the PI, equipped with robe and amulet, after casting improved alacrity can in and incredibly short time protect itself (SI abj and div to not get dispelled, stoneskin and mirror images or pfmw) and spam an incredible number of magic missiles, melf arrows, skull traps and flame arrows, all those have 0 cast time with the proper equipment.
    this after lowering the mr of the foe to 0 and if needed dispelling their protections.
    it is way faster then to cast ADHW in a row and kills and kills almost every not lich enemy in tob.

    some of the tob enemies that you will face are immune to fire damage, so for them skull trap is better then fireball or flame arrow, the alternatives jan can use.
    in other situations to spam ADHW is really strong as they are aoe, so damage more then one target, and party friendly. I had my main mage save more then a lost battle casting a PI, then the PI casting a time stop and killing everybody before the time start to flow again.

    different styles of playing, obviously, @sarevok57 is a very experienced player, he just likes different tactics from the ones i prefer...

    also jan can need part of his spells to perform his thief tasks, like some invisibility to cast after a backstab to stab twice in a round (while hasted by spell or potion as to do it DW bring his thac0 too low if the target is not a mage). it makes him even less effective as main mage.

    but as you have already strong fighters, 4 toons can kick butts mlee (aerie with buffs is as good as the others and a way better tank then mazzy and the pally) and a thief imo a proper mage is the better choice.
    you will loose a fighter, that you probably don't need as you have 4 that cover the role, and some useful druid spells, the insects are super strong anti caster ones and only a druid can gate in an elemental prince that can be gated together with a planetar, while deva and planetar are mutually exclusive.
    but in my own style i prefer a proper mage, with all the schools available and full mage level.

    so judge by yourself if your style is more like mine or the one of Sarewok57 and chose accordingly.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    i just did take a screenshot of a mage's PI casting with the right equipment and improved alacrity active 5 magic missile, 1 melf acid arrow, 1 fire arrow and 2 skull traps against charname, so 9 spells.
    the last one is fired before the first has even the time to reach charname that is the target.
    this better then words can show how low level spells can still be devastating in tob if used by a PI and if the magic resistance is brought to 0, thing that is only a little slower as the spell projectile in that case is a little slower (the mage has to cast the needed number of lower magic resistance, then do a quick step back and cast the low level damaging ones to be sure that no one of them reaches the target before his resistance is brought to 0).
    to cast other high level spells is just as fast, a dragon breath, spellstrike or a planetar are cast almost as fast as well as a row of feeblemind, flash to stone or finger of death, that as greater malison is as fast to cast will disable, kill or turn to stone in most cases even enemies with very good st as draconis, even if the soa foes are much more easy to neutralize with those save or else spells.


  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    My dilemma has more to do with plot content than gameplay for the last bits of SoA. Meaning, if I keep Imoen for story dialogue (if any) with Bodhi and Irencius in Chapter 6 onwards, or drop her for Jaheira to "enable" her in ToB.

    Is it safe to leave Jaheira's quest unfinished in SoA, meaning leave her on 2nd floor in Harper's Hold (with the note from Terminsel, that's where I left her quest before Chapter 4), and she still shows in ToB with no bad consquences / effects? I just want to double check.

    Then once I start ToB, don't have to worry about anyone leaving the party or game forever?

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    jaheira's quest is soa only, so if you go to tob before ending it you loose it, it requires to be in soa areas and once in tob you can not come back, they disappear from the map as tob happen more south.
    the only area you can access in both the phases is watcher keep, that is not an area for soa quests, but can used to store there some items you want to carry into tob and don't want in party inventory.

    i am not sure about what happens to imoen if you continue the soa plot without her, she should be in the party as bodhi has stolen her soul and she has to recover it, i always rescue her or eventually send her to town from the asylum maze and i have always her for the last battle with bodhi, that is just defeating bodhi, you can clear the dungeon with an other party, drop temporarily a npc and have immy for the final confrontation with the vampire. there in no special banter with imoen that you can not lose, but rp wise to have her at least for the last battle with bodhi makes sense.
    i would say that if imoen is not there in the moment where she is supposed to retrive her soul in tob there is no consequence, but i am only 99.99% sure about it.

    in tob there are only ee npcs quests and the romance, all the original quests are soa only as the game was born soa only and tob originally was an expansion, and the quests are written for the original.

    in tob you can recruit every npc that you had in the party, even if for a split second, and a new npc, "mr ToB"...
    and if the npcs are not in the party at the transition between the 2 phases they get an xp boost at the beginning of tob, so if you left a npc let's say at 100k xp in soa you find him at tob level xp.
    if the party members are over that threshold they keep the xp they have, as well as charname.

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    Thanks. Just one more question.

    If I drop Imoen temporarily, go get Jaheira, cheat the real time wait period, finish her quest, and dismiss her. Jaheira leaves SoA for good, all angry and hurt. Will Jaheira come back in ToB, or will she be gone from ToB as well? If I lose party members for good in SoA (death, angry dismissal, imprisonment, or other means) will they also be gone for good in ToB, or does ToB reset that "gone for good" mechanic to "available" once again?

    Again, just double checking.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    you will loose her only for the soa phase and you can have her back in tob. you will break her romance and that will be lost, but as you opted for an other romance this is not a problem.

  • VeristekVeristek Member Posts: 114
    edited May 2019
    Whew, thanks. I always make it a point to collect or avoid losing "lost forevers" or "permanently missable" items, quests, or people in RPG's in general.

  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 1,041
    If you dismiss her in SoA and summon her in ToB, you will lose ALL the equipment she is wearing.

    And I am not sure you actually finished her quest. I have never dismissed her at the end of all that because I typically know much earlier whom I want to take along, but I do not think she would be angry with you if you actually completed the whole thing up to your second meeting with Terminsel.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    good point, but there is a way to carry the equipment to tob using the wk area, and i already told him about it, it is true that if you don't have in the party a npc a new one is generated in tob with tob xp level and generic equipment, like an enchanted armor and weapon, so every item left on the npc is lost.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,211
    If you dismiss her in SoA and summon her in ToB, you will lose ALL the equipment she is wearing.

    And I am not sure you actually finished her quest. I have never dismissed her at the end of all that because I typically know much earlier whom I want to take along, but I do not think she would be angry with you if you actually completed the whole thing up to your second meeting with Terminsel.

    Nope, she gets pissed and leaves. Even after you encounter Terminsel.

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 1,024
    The straightforward solution with Jaheira is to put her in a room somewhere, close the door, and quietly replace her with the other NPC. If you want her back, drop the extra NPC and explain that it was all a giant misunderstanding. :)

    I did feel a little bad about this in my last play through, even though I left her in the De'Arnise keep, but I felt I needed a better tank. One point about doing this, though. You are not allowed to rest if she is in the same area waiting to have a final word with you. I used the lower level of the keep for that reason. An alternate solution would be a hotel where the rooms have doors, such as the upper level of the Five Flagons.

  • LMTR14LMTR14 Member Posts: 165
    dropping Imoen never is an option

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 1,024
    LMTR14 wrote: »
    dropping Imoen never is an option

    I dunno. The temptation can be strong if you bulked up in chapters 2 and 3 and now your level 15 and 16 party suddenly runs across a level 13 Imoen. Which is where I am in my current run.

    I'm still going to take her, though, because I want to try to prioritize RP on this run. Still, that's a pretty big gap.

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,262
    LMTR14 wrote: »
    dropping Imoen never is an option

    Little sis never gets left behind! <3

  • NuinNuin Member Posts: 447
    Depends on how you leave her. On the few runs I don't bring Imoen, I always leave her in my Stronghold with Minsc and Jaheira watching out for her.

    It's like my DA:I-equivalent version of Skyhold.

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