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Tales of Neverwinter: A Roleplay Video Series

HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
So I started my own personal roleplay playthrough of the primary Campaign after purchasing the Enhanced Edition. I was talking about wanting to share it with a friend but not knowing where to find like-minded individuals that would actually enjoy it, offer interesting critiques, and so forth. They commented on why not share it here, as well as some other areas to help advertise the game as well, and I thought it was a fantastic idea.

The premise is relatively simple, to roleplay the character (staying as in-character as possible, but as anyone that plays pen and paper knows, it's not quite that easy sometimes.) throughout the storyline, starting with the primary campaign. For this purpose, I've designed the character with a background, personality, all that good stuff and shown his creation step by step.

Though the playthrough is a little on the slow-paced side, that's due to the fact I'm basically focusing on telling a story and exploring his character as a whole.

Amateur voice acting is also included, I apologize ahead of time.

I'd love to hear others thoughts, any recommendations, constructive criticism, and so forth would be welcome to help improve the story or the videos in question.

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  • HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
    edited July 2018
    Adding in a new series with Shadows of Undrentide, super excited to do this one alongside the main game itself! This series is quite a bit different as far as content, as Angelo is a very selfish, jaded and edgy character. I enjoy him tremendously, but he is very different from the main character of this series.

    Victor is kind, patient, and always willing to help and do the right thing-- but he doesn't give a damn about law and order, nor chaos. He simply wishes to help people, because to him it's the right thing to do, nothing more. He's young, and still quite optimistic despite his past, and what I enjoy about him is that despite these traits generally found in a cliche paladin, cleric, or fighter perhaps: Victor is a Wizard.

    I like the contrast, especially considering his apprenticeship and sort of father-son relationship with Drogan. I fully intend to include the "Harpers Tale" Fan-Made mod series in this playthrough as well.

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  • HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
    Would love to have any feedback on the Undrentide series thus far. Made quite a few improvements to the audio quality and so forth, getting much more comfortable making the videos. :D

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,624
    I've started watching @Heart 's videos, and I would like to highly recommend them to other forum members. They're done in the same style and with the same attention to character detail and roleplay as Tord's famous "Lily Black" series. I haven't seen anything this well-produced since Tord's videos.

    He's got concurrent series going with two different characters, one from the NWN OC, and one from SoU. He's using the EE, so I think it's also good promotion for Beamdog.

  • HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
    That is-- well, amazing.

    Tord was one of the biggest inspirations for this, his level of storytelling and depth were far above what I had to offer, or at least I thought so. I aspired to be comparable to him, never thought anyone would think I was already near that point.

    Thank you, tremendously, and I'm so glad you're enjoying the content thus far to such a degree! I can't wait to keep pushing it all out. I hope to live up to expectations of that degree!

  • HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
    For any interested, we've passed through the first chapter and are making our way through the interlude now! Any comments, recommendations, and so forth are welcome as always!

  • HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
    We finished the Shadows of Undrentide campaign, officially! Patreon's get access to all of the videos now, and everyone else gets them one day at a time. We ended up with fifty-six episodes total, and now we're moving on to the "Shadow Mistress" Fan Module that acts as the connecting "Chapter" between Shadows of Undrentide, and Hordes of the Underdark!

  • HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
    New series is up as the continuation of "Shadows of Undrentide", after this module we'll be diving into the "Hordes of the Underdark" expansion!

  • HeartHeart Member Posts: 18
    edited June 2019
    For all interested, the series has continued. Due to some issues in real life, I was forced to stop for a bit, but I've since picked everything back up. Steady episodes once more returning twice a week along with my other roleplay series.

    Looking forward to more, after this fan-module which acts as a bridge to connect the two primary campaigns, I'll be placing Victor in the Hordes of the Underdark campaign next! Looking forward to it, generally see it as one of the better campaigns ever made, even including some of the fantastic fan-modules that were made.

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