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Old Dog New Playthrough

Hey Everyone, hope you're well!

What with the recent reveal of BG3 over at Larian Studios I thought it a great time for another playthrough of the series.

However, I have been playing BG for many years now and know most of the tricks of the trade. Therefore I am interested in how you guys mix up repeat playthroughs. In my previous playthrough, I played with an evil party but honestly, it didn't quite do it for me...... I have also played as a Cavalier and a Sorcerer in previous playthroughs.

So what I'm looking for:

- Different class to play with that offer up some unique differences. Any interesting dual-classes you've tried?
- Any difference in character gender other than romances?
- Alignment?
- Good class for RPing. I'm not too bothered with power=gaming and more like to get into the mind of my character rather than building the most overpowered thing I can.

Any responses are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,009
    Have you tried a bard? They don't quite play like any other class. Can use a high variety of weapons, but not a great fighter on its own. Gets a limited selection of spells, but benefits greatly from level scaling, high lore for identification, can pick pockets, can buff the entire party with bardsong. They aren't great at any one thing, but they are a great toolbox that are useful in literally every situation. Blades are also monsters when buffed.

  • typo_tillytypo_tilly Member Posts: 5,702
    Cleric playthroughs can be fun. :) You're a support character, which may take some getting used to but that makes for a different play experience.

    For fun, try dual classing from a low level, like from a rogue to a cleric or vice versa. You can plan for some low level thief skills or some cleric spells that supplement your thieving (sanctuary) and take some stress off your main healer earlier on.

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