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Add some 3.5e Feats & Prestige Classes

CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 336
I think a number of feats & classes from 3.5e should be considered for NWN:EE.

I certainly don't wish to disrupt compatibility but a number of changes and additions to NWN 2 were a welcome change to me such as the feat Able Learner which allows you to invest skill points into skills outside your class with 1 skill point instead of 2, there is many I could list but I'll keep it to a few Practiced Spellcaster, Extra Slot, Greater Weapon Focus & Specialisation, Augmented Healing, Augmented Summing.

As for Classes there are some pretty interesting ones, Mystic Theurge, Arcane Hierophant, Frenzied Berserker, Red Wizard and many others.

I don't wanna go on to much but these are just a few examples and I don't think all of them are necessary but many are great options to spice things up a bit.

Oh and can we fix the Pale Master so you actually get spell progression?


  • 1varangian1varangian Member Posts: 358
    Eldritch Knight is badly needed. The classic Fighter/Wizard doesn't really exist in NWN1 so we are missing a whole archetype basically.

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 336
    I can't believe I forgot to mention the Eldritch Knight, absolutely!

  • 1varangian1varangian Member Posts: 358
    I still remember when NWN2 came out and it FINALLY had Eldritch Knight. I went on to play one on a PW that made the transition for years.

    From 3.5 I would also like:

    - merging of Ambidexterity into Two Weapon Fighting (in 3.0 dual wielding is too feat intensive)
    - improved Ranger and Bard

    In fact.. what's really better in 3.0? They should just do a full conversion so all new single player modules would benefit from it. =)

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 336
    I know people are worried about making changes that would mess with module compatibility that's why I think focusing on adding additional Feats and Classes would be preferred unless they could safely do that.

  • DFDarkDFDark Member Posts: 32
    I don't disagree, but I would rather BD opened most of character creation so that we could do such changes ourselves. (although that begs question how exactly to "open up" passive feats)

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 336
    It would be nice if when starting a new Server or Module we had the options to choose between Editions and custom features that are built in.

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 336
    edited June 2019
    Mystic Theurge

    Hit Die d4


    Knowledge Arcana 6
    Knowledge Religion 6

    Ability to cast Level 2 Divine & Level 2 Arcane.

    Each Level of Mystic Theurge grants +1 caster LVL for Arcane & Divine, also new spells per day.

    So a LVL 3 Wizard (4 Sorcerer) and 3 Cleric or Druid can merge their caster progression for 10 Levels but you don't advance any other abilities from previous classes while Leveling as Theurge.

    a 3 Wizard, 3 Cleric & 10 Mystic Theurge would have the spells and caster LVL of 13 Wizard and 13 Cleric.

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 336
    Arcane Hierophant

    Hit Die d6


    Any NonLawful

    Knowledge Arcana 8
    Knowledge Nature 8

    Ability to cast Level 2 Divine & Arcane

    Trackless Step Class Feature.

    A blend of Druid and Wizard (or other Arcane), This one has many awesome features

    +1 caster & spell progression for Arcane and Divine

    ignore spell failure for non-metallic light and medium armor

    continued Wild Shape progression

    replaces Familiar & Animal companion for a new Arcane bonded Familiar Companion which enhances an animals normal abilities and increases intelligence due to the Arcane ritual and later allowing you to cast certain spells through your Companion

    than allowing you to cast those spells through plants in your environment (but not Plant Creatures).

    This one seems OP but very interesting.

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 336
    Eldritch Knight

    Hit Die D6


    Proficient in all Martial Weapons

    Ability to cast LVL 3 Arcane spells.

    At LVL 1 you get bonus Feat from Fighter list but you must still meet requirements for certain feats

    At LVL 2 and each LVL after you continue in Arcane spell progression.

    Additionally the Eldritch Knight has high Base Attack Bonus progression allowing your caster to become far more competent in Melee and Ranged.

  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 87
    Cerabelus wrote: »
    It would be nice if when starting a new Server or Module we had the options to choose between Editions and custom features that are built in.

    Isn't this basically available with haks? most of the feats and classes suggested are available on the vault in hak format, Eldritch Knight has be done by several projects at least, PRC has practiced spell caster, pick and choose the projects you want to combine for your own usage, much of the work is done already or done in ways that can inspire others to recreate it in the way they want to see such.

    I don't want Beamdog to add theses to the base game for the same reason I don't add PRC or any number of other custom haks (or stripped down versions of pre-existing haks), I don't want the balance headaches that come with such that ruins any previous attempt at balance by sheer virtue of the new OP stuff wasn't there previously to balance against, while I don't want such put into the base game opening things up & giving people the tools to make the changes themselves? is great, as it allows people to add what they wish and avoid things they don't want.

    The biggest issue for custom content is probably completely custom spell casting classes (not ones that advance preexisting spell books like Eldritch Knight does for Wizard spellbook) as they need work arounds to manage (both custom spell books and CL progression for prestige classes are on the Trelloboards already, so someone could add CL progression to a feat, or Palemaster, or RDD or a custom PRC class).

    PS, this board is suppose to be for discussing things on the Trello Board. General discussion board is the best place for new requests.

  • MeandreMeandre Member Posts: 38
    Just adding to the request for the Able Learner feat.

    That feat is one of the few gameplay features where I prefer NWN2 over NWN, simply because it improves the game in so many ways:
    1. It makes it skill-heavy classes (like rogue) much more useful outside of combat.
    2. It makes multi-classing much more fun and interesting. No more "take a level of rogue at character level 40 to dump all your saved skill points into tumble and UMD (though you could still do so even with the Able Learner feat, if you're so inclined).
    3. Being able to treat any skill as a class skill enables us to emulate iconic classes like the gnomish thief/illusionist way better than NWN currently allows.

    So, please consider if there's a way to implement this feat the same way NWN2 does! :)

  • deserkdeserk Member Posts: 35
    edited August 2019
    One of thing they could do to both technically combine Two Weapon Fighting and Ambidexterity to one feat (like in 3.5), and to both negate the compatibility issue, is to simply changed Ambidexterity to Two-Weapon Defense (+1 AC while dual-wielding) and make Two Weapon Fighting work like it does in 3.5. So characters from previous versions would not get bugged up, but simply their feats would function a bit differently in the new version. I agree, it is a pain to need to pick two feats to get dual-wielding to work properly.

  • S0BlindS0Blind Member Posts: 5
    Friends and I are currently playtesting PRC 3.8.0Alpha with original nwn modules. It's pretty neat!

    Super Quick and super silly video I made glosses over some additions.

  • CerabelusCerabelus Member Posts: 336
    Whenever I play NWN 2 I get Able Learner at LVL 1 for my Wizard, we absolutely need this.

    Yeah I remember from NWN 2 the Two Weapon feats were different and there were more of them to further specialise, if I remember a DEX of 19 was required to get all the Two Weapon feats up to LVL 20 than I think some more in Epic Lvls, I always had Neeshka go full dual weapon and she did well.

    @S0Blind! that's a lot of extra choices, it's been along time since I've played with PRC in my game, I'll have to check it out thank you.

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