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Is Resman functionality available?

I posted a question on the nwnx ee issues page few months back and they said that nwnx resman was not planned for nwn ee - because the resman functionality was going to be built in.
Was wondering if anyone can confirm if it is available or planned in the imminent future?

Eg: Ability to drop scripts / resources into a directory and have them resolved by the game server at runtime.


  • SherincallSherincall Member Posts: 387
    Depends on what you mean by immediate future. It's been confirmed that it will be in the next patch for NWN. It has not been confirmed _when_ that patch will be.

    Also, the game will support almost-but-not-quite what you say there. You can drop/update resources in a directory and the next time the game tries to load them, it will take the new ones. The "next time" might not always be deterministic, if the game is caching the data somewhere other than the builtin resman cache. This is a lot more noticeable on the client, where updating a texture will not immediately show it, and will require the model to get out of view and back in.

    2DAs are also a notable example of cached resources, which won't be updated without a change on the NWNX end.

    For other serverside resources, such as scripts, this should mostly work exactly as you'd expect. There's a few edge cases, like if you have a script with:
    void f() { SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(), "Woooo!"); }
    void main() { DelayCommand(100.0f, f()); }

    and you replace the script while the delay is active.. well, bad things will happen. Most likely a crash. Possibly worse.

  • EzRemakeEzRemake Member Posts: 15
    Will the built in version of resman allow objects to be removed from the module entirely like the old plugin, or is it just a case of "instancing" like the current CreateArea functions? Either way, really looking forward to it, and to know NWNX won't be required for that specifically is amazing.
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