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Modding on Tablets

sepottersepotter Member Posts: 367
edited September 2012 in General Modding
I'm not sure if this is already under discussion, if so I must've missed it, but anyway,
I understand non-executable Mods shouldn't too be too bad on Android (and I assume iOS) because we will still have access to the override folder, but for the others I had an idea:
I'm not a modder, and don't know too much about the tablet operating systems, but would it be possible for somebody to make some sort of "bgee mod installer for android/iOS" that could use any executable file that can be used on PC (or Mac), and modify the bgee files to properly install said mod?

Also, (probably more difficult) would it be possible to make a "shadowkeeper" app for the tablets?



  • lars_rosenberglars_rosenberg Member Posts: 15
    I guess it is possible, but nobody can say how untile we see the final product

  • sepottersepotter Member Posts: 367
    Fair enough. I'm in no hurry, I wont use any mods on my first playthrough anyway, but I wanted to entertain the idea.
    I have heard that save files will be compatible cross platform, so long as you copy them to the right folder, So I'll wager Shadowkeeper can be adapted if someone has time on their hands at the very least.

  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,781
    Sure would be nice if someone or a team of modders made a WeiDU-app or something else to get mods installed. I didn't realize it, until I read this topic, tablet gaming is limited to playing vanilla, except for mods where you can just copy the content to the override folder, but you won't get far that way if you're used to campaigns with 10+ WeiDu mods. Might get messy and buggy.

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