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How i solo Melissan??

I an playing as a solo sorcerer(DD), din't had much problem on base game, but on the throne of bhaal, with bosses behind an very long conversaion(that you can't skip and can't save after the conversation, making retries very costly) and very long bosses fights that can use infinite spells, summon multiple creatures without any limitation and be immune to time stop(how this is possible?), was very hard to play the thone of bhaal, this to not mentions the ultra small "arenas" that you can't even leave by no reasons. Took hours to beat Ravager, but Melissan, even following guides, i can't do anything. Slayer form? No damage. Black blade of disaster? He dispels you and ... No damage. Lower his magic resist with spell trigger + lower resist? Spells still deal almost no damage while she can summon an army of Death tyrant to kill you.

Aparenlty there are an "puzzle" involving the scenario to deal with her and sorry but i usually hate puzzles. Maybe i will put on story mode, only to see the ending because this is not fair. Bosses should magic should work in the same way that players magic works.

Mephistopheles on hardest difficulty on NWN1 - HotU expansion was an piece of cake compared to her. The Dracolich too. And the best part. On NWN1 i can save in fights, so i don't need to see the same dialog 500 times if i need to re try 500 times. And even this epic bosses, operates under the same rules of the players, without gimmicky scenario BS.

Let her in near death(because she doesn't operate under the same logic of you MC) without killing her to try use the scenario to disable an power that you supposed to have too is extremely silly and makes no sense. Throne of bhaal is nothing compared to the base game IMO.


  • Jaheiras_WitnessJaheiras_Witness Member Posts: 598
    Can't even remember what Melissan in base game is like, but should be pretty easy with a Sorcerer from what I remember.

    Stoneskin + Mirror Image + PFMW up at all times to protect yourself physically.

    SI Abjuration + Spell Trap + Spell Shield to protect yourself magically.

    Assume you have stuff like Cloak of Mirroring and Amulet of Power so no threat from magical damage. Cast all the elemental defences from scrolls you've picked up and swig every potion you have (oil of speed, giant strength, freedom etc). Potion of Magic Shielding as well to ensure your saves are all like -20.

    You are now untouchable.

    Improved Alacrity (Time Stop as you've deduced does not help against Melissan), followed by defence removals based on how she's buffed (esp Breach), might need a Spell Trigger to knock down MR, and unleash your arsenal of damage spells (Dragon's Breath, Horrid Wilting et al).

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  • SorcererV1ct0rSorcererV1ct0r Member Posts: 2,158
    edited June 2019
    Chimaera, that is not my critique against ToB. Is the fact that enemies aren't subjected to the same rules. An boss that can animate multiple undeads with animate undead and teleport and cast if 24/7 without needing to spend spell slots is much more powerful than someone that can be an slayer for few seconds and die...

    And on ToB, slayer form isn't that powerful...

    Jaheiras_Witness, i don't have this scrolls, equipment....

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    To solo effetively all the good stuff that charname can use must be collected, you should also have a staff that can charm without fail anything but the boss, and it is only 1 of the many things that can help.
    If you are able to cast PI and Wish it is easier as you can recharge spells and items.
    Lacking of items and wish option is harder but doable.
    And not borderline to impossible as is possible to solo the modded game, much harder, with most of the classes, and sorc is one of the easier to solo.
    The game, even not modded, is not really designed for solo and the end game is balanced for a whole party that has high levels, while the soloer has hit the cap a long time before.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
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  • SorcererV1ct0rSorcererV1ct0r Member Posts: 2,158
    gorgonzola, that is not my problem. My problem is that most ToB bosses operates under different rules than the PC. On NWN1 for eg, the closest thing that the game have to an boss that "reanimates" many times and works completely different than pnp is the dracolich that takes much less itme than required on pnp to be "reanimated" but can easily be dealt

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