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Revisiting the Shar-Teel F/T Build

grlndbrggsgrlndbrggs Member Posts: 13
F/T Shar-Teel's on the verge of hitting lvl8 (dual-ed @ 3). Currently have her w:
- LS ***
- 2WS **
- Daggers *
- Crossbow *
- SWS *

Figuring out thac0, dmg, speed etc. remains a WIP so...

Would really appreciate some insight into what's advisable re allocation of the last available *

1. Am I correct in thinking (assuming?) that ** in the OH is suboptimal/not worth the typical Prof --> Spec boost? (** might matter if I have to MH vs werewolves)...

2. Guessing 3 *s in 2WS is out...

3. Was the "exploit" that made GM obtainable an option I overlooked or has this been excised?

4. Have read that HM is rather... underwhelming... so a 4th * in LS isn't necessarily a no-brainer...?

5. Tend to have her engage w the crossbow semi-frequently... given the advantages of that 2nd *... would this perhaps be the most versatile way to use her last available *?

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  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    I've heard you can't reach GM in EE anymore, but I haven't done a build requiring it to check.

    With Shar, I often re-spec her profs to make her more useful, but my favourite was a f to t archer based version. Iirc I went Longswords and longbows, might have used sws for stabbing, but she mostly plinked away with a good bow. Very effective, and not very item dependent, like a kagain archer, or even khalid. Hard to ssy she does her job better than Coran when archering, but she's better in melee.

    Don't bother w/3 ranks in tws, or 4 in LS I'd say. Crossbows might be solid, or daggers if nobody is using the DoV, for your last pip.

    I would avoid 2 pips in sws, since you should be using it only to backstab. If you're worried about WWs, try 2 pips in dagger, that one will BS very hard iirc.

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 909
    Sometimes when I power play, I let her do a late dual. I let her do the dual at level 7 for the extra 1/2 apr, the extra thaco and hit points.

    You could also let her dual at level 6 instead. The level 7 has (too) much downtime.

    I let her take pips in daggers when I can. There are some cool daggers in BG1, and the throwing dagger lets use her her solid str, whilst keeping her out of harms way - with her somewhat low HP.

    If you want to reach GM in daggers, you should dual at level 6 or 7, level up to level 3 as a thief, and then wait with the last 5 levels to when you can reach level 7 or 8 and unlock the fighter levels.

    As a F7/T8 she had a fine backstapping record with GM in daggers and 18/xx str, using the dagger of weapon and wearing the legacy of the master bracers... Good times

  • grlndbrggsgrlndbrggs Member Posts: 13
    edited July 2019
    Def. hear you re prof re-spec. Alas, can't quite... focus... long enough to work out Keeper-ing w the Wineskin I'm running (+ away from the PC for the foreseeable future).

    This is obviously my first deep-dive. Trying to sort of circle the square re power and aesthetics (often semi-sheepishly landing on the latter)

    Realizing I was roughing up most randos w just the Shar/Coran tandem became something of an inflection pt for moving on from Core settings actually. Having put the time/resources into both, they've become mainstays (granted, one's MMV re manhater/deadbeatdad tropes...).

    Glad to see that there're some fairly clear pip choices (ww the inutility of some of those others). I think HM won't even improve the chance to hit. Ought to consider dual-ing her at 6 next time around. Would be nice to max the venomous perks too. Appreciate the advice.

    Have Shar-Teel OH-ing DoV at the moment in fact (w no other would-be wielders). Looks like I'll have to weigh the +/- of crossbow (somewhat big dmg upgrade with that 2nd pip) and dagger advancement.

    Does the OH dmg and thac0 (16-->15) improvement of the latter matter much? As I understand it the per-round remains fixed/limited... so am I banking on the chance to poison more often and take werewolf names more adeptly (when I opt to SW BS)?

    Many thanks for the input.

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 715
    That’s tricky, I would go crossbows as that adds some tactical flexibility

  • grlndbrggsgrlndbrggs Member Posts: 13
    edited July 2019
    Sort of what I'm leaning towards as well. Ball... I mean stats don't/can't lie... Record shows she's/I'm using/favoring it more than I'd thought would be the case.

    And (as you've pt'd out) there's potentially something to be said for tactical flexibility/versatility... particularly when the build does seem to lend itself to an (at least) decent aesthetic blend of styles while still packing a reasonable punch (IMO).

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,178
    grlndbrggs wrote: »
    3. Was the "exploit" that made GM obtainable an option I overlooked or has this been excised?
    It's technically possible, but it requires jumping through so many hoops that it's not worth it.

    For Shar-Teel to reach GM in long swords (or daggers), follow these steps:

    1. Level up to 6 as a fighter, putting both proficiency points into long swords.
    2. Dual to thief. Your initial two thief proficiency points can go anywhere.
    3. After reaching level 3 as a thief, stop there. Don't hit the level-up button when you reach 5K thief experience, or beyond.
    4. Once you have reached 110K experience as a thief (142K total), level up all the way to level 9 as a thief, all at once. Your level 4 and level 8 thief proficiencies are assigned as a level 9 character with a completed fighter dual, so you can put them both into longswords.

    So, if you really want to play for over 100K worth of companion experience as a level 3 thief with extra HP, you can have the reward of grand mastery at the end.
    Of course, in your case, by dual-classing at level 3, you've locked this option out.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    She does make a viable crossbow user, but remember Karoug's immunities make dagger or bastard swords almost mandatory to kill him, hence me leaning more towards daggers. I speak of the Silver dagger, which is generally pretty strong vs WWs.

    Dual at 6 is more powergamey, and you need a thief early for utility... maybe arrange things so Shar Teel is becoming viable as a thief roughly when you dual immy? Still, I should try the level 7 dual sometime, she needs the HP. I'd likely have her for stealth and backstabs then, very fitting for such a vicious woman. Its nice she has good enough str/dex, and doesn't need gear to be effective.

  • grlndbrggsgrlndbrggs Member Posts: 13
    edited July 2019
    DreadKhan wrote: »
    She does make a viable crossbow user, but remember Karoug's immunities make dagger or bastard swords almost mandatory to kill him, hence me leaning more towards daggers. I speak of the Silver dagger, which is generally pretty strong vs WWs.

    The 2nd pip in dagger does seem to cover more bases. The +1 to hit that Specialization'd supply the DoV with can't hurt. Might also prefer to "honestly" damage WWs vs attempt to bury them under the gluttonous weight of my inventory.

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