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EE Keeper Combos

TheLungoTheLungo Member Posts: 21
So i downloaded EE Keeper for the first time and i was wondering what cool multiclass combinations you guys recommend. The first ones that i am thinking of trying are:

Fighter/Cleric of Lathander
Archer/Any of the cleric kits slinger
Fighter/Avenger or Shapeshifter
Kensai/Any druid Kit

As you can see, i am tired of bringing Jaheira every run i do so looking for your feedback!


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,179
    You can only have one kit, even with EEKeeper. So then, your second and fifth lines are impossible; all you could do is edit in the abilities for the kit you don't have, and update that at every relevant level-up.

    When dual-classing into a kit with EEKeeper, the cleanest way to do it is to set the new kit before you start the dual. That way, all the level 1 abilities of the kit are assigned properly as soon as you do it, rather than you having to edit them in later. This is not an option for characters that are multiclassed from level 1, for obvious reasons.

    There are a few kits that don't work right as part of multiclasses or dualing into. Most notably, dual-classing into Swashbuckler doesn't allow you to specialize in weapons, and doesn't take away your backstab.

    My highest-level character, currently late in ToB, is a Fighter/Assassin dual. That's a fun one - super-powerful backstabbing, and a much smoother power curve than the traditional Kensai/Thief.

    Another one I've started is a Dwarven Defender/Cleric multiclass. The endgame goal here is to become almost entirely immune to damage when buffed. With Armor of Faith and Defensive Stance active, and the right equipment, I can reach 100% or more resistance to fire, cold, lightning, poison, acid, and all forms of physical damage - all at the same time. Magic damage is the weak point; only 75% resistance there with the Belt of Inertial Barrier.

  • vonhizzlevonhizzle Member Posts: 2
    Wild Mage/Cleric

  • TheLungoTheLungo Member Posts: 21
    edited July 2019
    i finally went for a kensai/Thief Multi and a Fighter/Cleric of Lathander (and a regular shapeshifter). How good is the improved shapeshifter from tweaks?

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  • DanacmDanacm Member Posts: 838
    Fighter/swashbuckler multi was so strong. One thing i dont like in the ui, if you use a single class kit to a multiclass, only mages specialization is write in the class header so there is displayed conjurer/fighter but not avanger/fighter or cleric of lathander/thief.

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