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How do NPC proficiencies transfer into SoD?

CruCru Member Posts: 12
When you import your party from BG:EE to SoD, your party imports more or less 'as is' into the first dungeon.
After it's cleared your party is disbanded.

If/when you re-encounter NPCs in SoD that you leveled up in BG:EE, what is the status of experience, proficiencies, and other customizables they were given in the first game? Do they revert to defaults? Are they adjusted? Or do they remain identical to where they were after at the end of the first SoD dungeon?

I am specifically interested in proficiencies here but all is relevant I suppose.

For example, by default Dorn appears in SoD with points in crossbows if you've never used him.

However, if I had leveled him in BG:EE and instead given him proficiency points in Longbows, will he revert to crossbows in SoD? Or will he retain the proficiencies I gave him in the first game?

Edit: Assuming he was with me when I killed Sarevok, transitioned to SoD, and cleared the first dungeon ^^

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere, I looked but was unable to find it.


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