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Planning an unique HLA mod for shaman

nysinysi Member Posts: 55
edited July 2019 in BGII:EE Mods
I've got an idea while playing with the old good mod Turnabout.
What if Khalid, Dynaheir and Gorion spirit could be talked to or even summoned by shaman NPC at high level?

Currently, Shaman only have three unique HLA. Some could be done and give them a unique summon, being one of our old friends (or foe) from the past?

My current idea is to create some HLA that give shamanic dance a small chance to summon a spirit from the past to aid the party.

- Khalid and Dynaheir for good aligned PC
- Tazzok and Semaj for evil aligned PC
- Gorion for every PC
- Neutral PC could choose between evil and good spirits

Those Spirit would be like shaman summon and not controlled. But with good script they can be efficient

And if I manage to do it, they could have interaction with some npc like Jaheira, minsc or sarevok. Not classic banter but reaction to the other presence.

Would some of you be interested in such mod? If so I will work on it in august (and may be start beforr if able to)
Of course, I'm open to suggestions like doing a regular summon instead


  • UlbUlb Member Posts: 295
    That sounds like a pretty awesome mod, would love to play with that!
  • nysinysi Member Posts: 55
    edited July 2019
    Thanks. I don't plan to add spirit of character returned by mods like the longer road or yoshimo remorse for example.

    Or I may add a lot of character spirits and add them as components to choose from.
    As such, if you don't want Xzar or montaron spirit as summon because you have a mod to keep them, you can.
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