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Looking for fast leveling PW

As the title says, I'm looking for a PW that has fast leveling to 40. I play on several servers already that have a much more measured pace and they're great! But sometimes I really just wanna hack and slash my way through some content and feel like a god.

Any suggestions?


  • ricoyungricoyung Member Posts: 81
    edited July 2019
    "Realms of Remembrance" (way down on the list) Rich world (lotsa loot), no pvp, no DM or any admin (rare occasions) custom gear sets (many) a forge of wonders (add almost any properties to any gear/weapons) and if you know where to go, you can get 20 levels and xtra gp right at the start (lvl1).

    cons; its a bit buggy sometimes (hostiles can turn friendly. just use tide of battle to fix) and there is absolutely no one playing there (except me occasionally and short bursts) and you can't delete any toons you make either so build with plans.. and a few other probs that are no biggie.

    I have been playing there since 2006 and have a large stable of toons all god like (rarely die)
    tip: build for highest AB, dont worry about AC, you can buy that, but there are Dragons there that are super hard to hit (high AC) you need at least 70+ AB for them.

    Hack and slash, lots to explore (and some weird places), decent leveling speed, uber gear and enhancements (for a price) and no one to grief you lol. Oh, and a main quest you get at the start.

    Beware the Master Librarian, he can instantly kill anyone. (Don't talk bad to him) but you won't find him until you have explored deeply in the world.

    Some screenshots of some of the custom gear there:

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