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Solo a Transmuter

Black_ElkBlack_Elk Member Posts: 30
Any thoughts on running pure class Mages?

The evil Imp seems pretty furious with its polymorph ability. Mustard Jellies do a number on Flesh Golems, and Korax has gotta be good for at least 3 levels and a grand to buy spells out the gate before things get too dicey. For the alignment axis law seems to offer the better combat oriented familiars, but Lawful Evil is just a beast. Like having another damage dealer running interference in the pocket.

Figure I'd have to potion up pretty major with all the cash from pawned items we can't use. But what about the boss fights and such? Think its doable without access to the protection spells? Transmutor still has the summons from Conjuring the clutch utility spells from Illusion and disruption spells from Necromancy. Abjuration kind of gets short shrift early on anyway seems like.

Different subject but semi related... It would have been cool for Enhanced if the Schools of Magic were presented as a matrix instead of as a list during character creation. Just as a touch up touch. Same deal for alignment, would have been cool if it was shown along the Axis instead of as a list. Like with the schools in opposition, or for alignment same deal. Would be better for the UI there I think.

Anyhow, just some thoughts while rolling up a new char. Assassin from last playthrough got incinerated by lightning hehe.

Any tips for gunning solo as a Mage in BG1 Enhanced? Was thinking Hard would probably be more enjoyable than Insane for that sort of run.

ps. another digression, but since I was just searching around for wizard themed portrait art... I gotta say, Cryptids stuff is all over the place. That strategy of paying multiple professional artists on commission to produce quality work obviously still works. Some of those card illustrations can be kind of busy and action oriented for BG mugs, but there is certainly a lot of good stuff in the mix. Makes me wish someone would have just give Dave Rapoza a few grand to redo all the Baldur's Gate characters in a consistent portrait style. His Ninja Turles and He-Man reduxes were glorious! Something like that for all the companions in BG would be badass. Even if the first run images are still iconic, I think someone with chops like could do it justice.

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  • Black_ElkBlack_Elk Member Posts: 30
    Sounds like something familiar from when I ran TUTU. Is that the one that was up on the Gibberlings site with all the AI mods? I think I had it for a previous install, but not since I got the beamdog version. Maybe I should take a second look. I remember forever ago I tried a solo run as a pure priest in BG1 and that was fun, using skeletons and sanctuary and such. I think I tried it as rogue too, but kept getting chunked along the way and don't think I finished that one. Otherwise it was usually as some overpowered multi-class or dual class when I tried it out. I recall thinking it would probably be kind of rough as a pure fighter or pure mage, but that was before the sequel came out so no familiars or anything. Seems like the Imp could handle a fair amount just by himself in this version haha. But I'm not too hardcore, I got most of the gang hanging out by the bridge in Nashkel in case I get into a bind somewhere and need backup to keep from getting stuck, but so far its going alright. Just liked the idea of trying to roll a hermit.

    It does get me thinking about the rationale for retaining the OOB XP cap though. I mean I get why it was needed initially, but seems kind of unnecessary these days. Like if someone wants to try and slog their way to lvl 10 in Durlags tower or whatever, I don't see the reason to block it off at 160,000. Though maybe there was stuff that was just too hard to port over with the higher level spells or something? Anyhow, seemed worth hanging around on the Sword Coast for a little while longer, before loading up BG2, since I'm sure that one will dominate once I dive back in lol

  • butteredsoulbutteredsoul Member Posts: 165
    If you head all the way into BG2, Abjurer may be more difficult. There are a few threads buried in these forums.

  • Black_ElkBlack_Elk Member Posts: 30
    edited July 2019
    Well Dorn just derailed my initial plan haha. I guess I didn't trigger his ambush in my earlier playthrough so when it happened this time I got curious about his revenge quest. I let him cruise with me and my familiar to the East. I used the excuse to load up the slick tutorial portrait dave did, this one....

    Funny how a new portrait has a way of hooking me. magua dorn! Why not, and of course since he's there now I want to see what all the banters are with the other companions. So its the exact inverse of a solo now, I'm collecting everyone and giving them all new portraits to see how many I can take to their cap lol. Going in delta force trios now mostly.

    Transmuter has been fun so far. I just picked up Edwin (using the IWD red wizard for the portrait mug there for now to mix it up a little but wish I had something at that level for everyone), but its pretty crazy how quickly they are mowing em down with the big guy swinging the sword and two casters in the backfield. The Imp is a beast, but I feel like could be even beastlier with a priest to aid him up, so debating whether to give up the tomes and try to dual class some companions. I always seem to take Viconia and her new portraits are already loaded up, but this time I'm leaving her behind, so she boosts up proper in the next one. Transmuter doesn't really need all the wisdom. Maybe give one to Xzar to for necromancer/cleric option, and save the others for Tiax? I usually bring Shar-Teel along for the evil party, but maybe Eldoth this time for something heavier Arcane. Well anyhow, there goes a solo combat challenge, lost my interest in favor of companion interaction again. Figures hehe

    Catch you next round

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