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Black Pits 2 deleting my PC's

seraglioseraglio Member Posts: 103
I doubt anyone can help with this but I thought I'd give it a whirl anyway.

So I'm playing 4 PC's in Black Pits 2. I like the idea of an arena for testing character ideas and trying out different build combinations. Anyway I'm starting to get into the "game" part of it , rather than just testing builds. I don't want to start over with a full team.....sooooo

I use the console to spawn Rasaad10.cre and keldor10.cre, 2 NPC's I'll probably use in my next BG2 run. They didn't have join dialogue, so I control-Q them in my team. I know..I know....

Everything looks good and I can take them into the arena fine. But as soon as the battle ends...they are immediately removed from the team...before any dispels or rest...before Dennaton even talks.

Anyway...I like learning so I dive into the dlg's and scripts to see whats removing them but at this point I spent more time trying to find that needle than it took to build the haystack. I found 2 local variables (OHB_IMMUNE_REM, OHB_SUZA) and a Global variable set to 4 (OHB_START_BATTLE) that looked promising, the new guys didnt have those locals, and the global is set all the time in the scripts and is the only global set to 4, but neither has had an effect when I change them in Shadowkeeper.

Anyway, lesson learned, this is why I always play multi-player, but if anyone has experienced the same thing and has a good guess as to whats happening I'd like to know just to better understand how the game even knows what my starting squad was or where... other than globals, that info would be stored.


  • gaverhaegaverhae Member Posts: 1
    In case anyone else stumbles on this in the future, I have had the same issue and found a solution.

    I got tired of one of my characters and wanted to swap it mid-game, without having to start over. So I opened my save game in multiplayer (by copying the save from the bpsave to the mpbpsave folder), changed the character there, swapped that save back to single player and started the game. Everything seemed fine until the end of the first fight where, as the OP describes, the new character just disappears.

    I, too, have been looking at local variables on the characters in my party (and that is how I found this thread), but ultimately the solution was not there. In EEKeeper, there is another tab called "Effects", and in this one you can see two special effects that affect the characters in the party (except the new one I created mid-game); EEKeeper lets you copy/paste effects from one character to another, so that is fairly easy to resolve once you know what to do.

    The two effects I copied to get things working were called "Protection: from Opcode [101]" protecting against "opcode 168", and "Spell: Protection from Spell [206]" protecting against a spell called "OHBREMOV".

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