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  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 942
    ifupauline wrote: »
    I kicked Jaheira coze I was so fed up of her patronizing charname with her stupid accent. Don't feel sorry really. She was asking for it.

    Not sure when you dumped her, but that gets a LOT better over time. I'm in chapter 6 of BG2 in my current run, and other from the occasional snark when selected (she had the highest CHR for a while due to a ring), she was fine with my PC. The accent is there to stay, though.

  • HadarHadar Member Posts: 168
    @Maurvir @gorgonzola @BelgarathMTH @Zaxares @iosfrustration @Skitia @ThacoBell @DreadKhan @ilduderino @Nuin

    How many companions are available in each chapter?
    BG1: 29
    SoD: 15 + 2 temporary
    SoA: 20 + 2 temporary (19 +3 if we counts Imoen as temporary)
    ToB: 21

    Just from pure role-play only Dorn is not sustainable in good or neutral party in SoA (so he would killed or forced to abandon his master).

    All other conflicts are solvable role-play wise. From movie stand-point of view 30 party members are impossible, but from TV series stand-point? It is doable.

    For me role-play wise only return to Candlekeep would be a bottleneck, but I would be good reason to split in to two teams (because Duke Eltan grants access to limited party consisting of characters with excellent record), so:

    1. Abdel Adrian
    2. Imoen
    3. Jaheira
    4. Khalid
    5. Dynaheir
    6. Minsc (and Boo)
    7. Yeslick Orothiar
    8. Ajantis Ilvastarr
    9. Rasaad yn Bashir
    10. Kivan
    11. Xan
    12. Branwen
    13. Neera

    goes to Candlekeeps (and then do the ToSC part) and the rest continues investigation in Baldur's Gate:

    14. Alora
    15. Coran
    16. Faldorn
    17. Skie Silvershield
    18. Quayle
    19. Garrick
    20. Safana (she even could take leadership of this pack, so her betrayal would be much more painful)
    21. Kagain
    22. Edwin Odesseiron
    23. Montaron
    24. Viconia DeVir
    25. Eldoth Kron
    26. Tiax
    27. Shar-Teel Dosan
    28. Xzar
    29. Baeloth Barrityl
    30. Dorn Il-Khan

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