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Guello stuck in Lower Dorn Mines

Guello is stuck in the Lower Dorn mines after clearing out the salamanders and their leader, Shikata. I can talk to Guello and receive healing from him but he won't go back to the Gnome Village. No Svirfneblin/Gnomes remain in the mines but a bunch are walking around the village and I'm able to converse with them (at least the ones that still have their tongues ;)).

The "Rescuing Guello" quest is listed under "Done Quests" in Journal, Chapter Six. When I speak with Beorn in the Gnome Village, his dialogue reads "Thank you for rescuing Guello from the Mines. His return has bolstered our spirits greatly."

I'm running IWD:EE Update (21 August 2018) on Windows 7 Pro SP1.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,500
    i guess this is a bug

    but thankfully it does not seem to mess your game up since he still provides his services after you rescue him

    have you also tried leaving the area and coming back?

    somtimes he doesn't leave right away with the rest of them, i think i recall this happening and when i came back to the area where you first find him, he will actually leave

    although if he isnt present in the gnome city then that must be a bug for sure

  • mkroninmkronin Member Posts: 2
    I went back to an older save, immediately after killing Shikata (his spear is still on the ground). Guello is in the mines, but the other gnomes are gone. When I talk to Guello he thanks me and says he and the others will make it back to the village when it's safe. If I immediately go to the Gnome Village, there he is with the unconscious gnomes, and Beorn in the circle of stones. When I talk to Guello, he says thanks and I get 80K experience (I'm playing on "Core Rules" difficulty). When I talk to Beorn, he says the same dialogue as I mentioned in my original post. This all seems to be working fine.

    However, if I leave the village and go back to the mines, Guello shows up. If I go back to the village he shows up there too! I think somewhere along the line after I complete all the other quests in Lower Dorn's Deep, Guello leaves the village and can only be found in the mines. The unconscious gnomes are not in the village any more nor are they in the mines.

    Probably not a bug per se, just a little confusing since I don't remember seeing him back at the village after killing Shikata the first time I played through. If I have time, I'll play through the other quests and try to isolate when he leaves the village and stays permanently at the mines.

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