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Help with Berzerker Druid build



  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 6,444
    edited August 2019
    The 5th level spells are far and away the best for druids though. 6th and 7rh level spells are just gravy. It's that high charisma requirement that holds me back far more than the 6th and 7th level spell requirements. If druids were allowed bows it'd be a no-brainer build but slings and darts just don't cut it when you likely have to skimp on one of the prime fighter attributes (STR, CON or DEX) or make an NPC with 3 INT (too much of a drooler for even me to power-game).

  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,136
    Tbh, I've always been curious as to why Druids aren't allowed the use of bows. Bows are arguably one of the most primitive weapons humanoids developed.

  • butteredsoulbutteredsoul Member Posts: 164
    Bows would make sense. That said, slings are nice, esp. with a high strength. Once I dual my zerk->druid, I'm going for another fun option: GM in daggers for the thrown ones.

  • Silver_ArrowSilver_Arrow Member Posts: 12
    edited August 2019
    Even if druids were allowed bows - berserker would not let you put more than 1 pip in bows. So you would have to pick a pure fighter then. Gain one thing - lose another =) Therefore just develop some liking of what available choice you have, throwing daggers are nice.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 949
    With all that being said and with so much detail... My question is - why bother with dual when f/d multi is pure awesomness?
    I'd go a step further and ask why choose fighter/druid when fighter/mage is pure awesomeness (and moreover not something the game already gives you with Jaheira)? But people like what they like, and fighter/druid is plenty strong especially in the middle part of the game.

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