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Your thought of baldurs gate 3 and any info of baldurs gate dark alliance 3

Ok, here we can share our thought of baldurs gate 3 so far and if anyone have any info about baldurs gate dark alliance 3


  • gugulug5000gugulug5000 Member Posts: 246
    Pretty sure the rights to Dark Alliance are with Interplay, so unless they do anything with it, I doubt we'll get DA3 anytime soon.

    It would be awesome to get remasters of the first two games, but they may be complicated again by Interplay.

  • PhycoantoPhycoanto Member Posts: 70
    I actully thought that DA2 had a cliff hanger

  • gugulug5000gugulug5000 Member Posts: 246
    It did, and it's a pity we never got resolution on that. There were legal problems at Interplay that caused DA3 to not get made, though we did get the two Champions of Norath games as spiritual successors at least.

    I did ask Trent about doing an EE of Dark Alliance in one of the live streams and he said something along the lines of that they had looked into it. From what I gather, WB Games has the rights to the first game, but they asked for too much money for the project to be profitable. I think Interplay has the rights to the IP and DA2, however, and they were selling all of their gaming portfolio back in 2016 but there hasn't been any news on it. I'm pretty sure Beamdog offered to buy the Dark Alliance IP from them and again were given an offer that didn't make sense financially.

    Here's hoping it works out somehow. Those games were great and could use EE's. Plus DA3 needs to happen.

  • PhycoantoPhycoanto Member Posts: 70
    Yeah a DA remake would be great. And I hope bg3 will be same graphics as bg2 and bg but I wont complain if it was like divine divinity, just hope it's not going to be like dark souls lol

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