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Unkillable Sarevok(Not SCS related?)

Hey everyone. I've got a fairly big(probably messed up) EET install. I can't seem to kill Sarevok.

I do NOT have the SCS Improved Final Battle installed. I can kill his lackeys, they don't become skeletal warriors.

Sarevok doesn't actually talk to me. I can walk right up to him, and he just doesn't regard me. If I try talking to him, then the fight starts, I beat the crap out of him, but only to 1hp and he keeps going.

I CAN kill him by EEKeeping in a scroll of drain energy, but then he almost always explodes, which is a problem as I'm using the Sword of Chaos mod, to delay SOD. So I kill him, and nothing happens. No quest, nothing.

Another thing of note, Diarmid isn't among his lackeys. I actually killed him in the catacombs exit.

I'm sure there's some wacky bug that I'm running into, with this smorgasbord of mods. Does anyone have any suggestion on where to start looking? Should I upload my mod list?


  • onewithoutasoulonewithoutasoul Member Posts: 18
    And just like that, I tried it again. Still couldn't kill him. I used the scroll of energy drain on him and he exploded.

    Then I just EEKeepered in his sword and boom, the Sword of Chaos begins.

    So I still have the bug, but came up with a work around....

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,811
    whatever mod is affected sarevok's script is what is making him not die

    specifically this command here in sarevok's ovrride script:

    RESPONSE #100
    MoveViewObject("Sarevok",INSTANT) // Sarevok

    then for your area script ( ar0125) you need this command for the game to finish;

    Dead("Sarevok") // Sarevok
    RESPONSE #100

    so if you know which mod is affecting those scripts, thats the mod that you either need to use NI to make sure these script lines are in, or you need to get rid rid of the mod altogether that is affecting those 2 scripts

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