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Something made me always rage

kaderkader Member Posts: 5
edited September 2019 in Builders - Toolset
After 17years, I recollect my angry feeling about a nwn setting
When you killed a enemy, why need to wait the body transform to a "FK REMAINS BAG "!!!!!!!!!!
What's the point of you can't loot instantly?
is there any way to improve this retard setting?

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  • DFDarkDFDark Member Posts: 32
    edited September 2019
    While It doesn't exactly make me rage, having "leave lootable corpse" option (placeable with inventory/usable) would be really nice.

    Although there is workaround. (creating a copy, setting necessary flags and then killing it) Not sure if it works in NWN:EE though, last time I tried was in NWN2.

  • SymphonySymphony Member, Developer Posts: 78
    You can set "Leaves Lootable Corpse" as a creature property in the Advanced tab. This uses the creature model as a container to store its treasure until you retrieve it, and, you can loot it mid combat before the body even hits the floor.

    This isn't a new feature, if you are working with "remains" bags, those are design elements of the people that made the module.

    Leaving creatures on the ground "forever" until they get looted might be a feature you want (Me too, in fact, generally), but I'm sure if it always was like that, there'd be suggestions to get rid of them, particularly with big bulky models like Grey Renders, and replace them with little pouches or bags and stuff. Luckily the game has always allowed you to do either.

    If you're having this issue with the original campaigns, it's probably the case that using those remains bags means a lower battle polycount, which means a higher battle frames per second, Bioware did mathematically guesstimate and ration the amount of polys per tileset/area/situation, and graphics cards in 2002 were for fancy people.

    Additionally, I've moved this topic to Builders - Toolset, since you didn't post it in a category.

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 787
    Funnily enough, this never bothered me. There are two things to remember with the "Leaves Lootable Corpse" setting though. It is only useful to the builder of the module and I don't think you can use it with encounters (as opposed to placed monsters). The one thing about combat that annoys me is having to wait until the battle music ends before you can have a conversation.


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