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question about Watcher's Keep and resting

If you have finished Watcher's Keep, how often did you rest? (If you finished more than once, you can reply with what your typical resting frequency was.) I'm curious how much people rest in general, and I think Watcher's Keep is a decent, defined metric to measure.

question about Watcher's Keep and resting 12 votes

never rest
DJKajuru 1 vote
rested less than once per level
leeuxDaevelon 2 votes
rested approximately once per level
dunbarSirBaldurgorgonzolaStummvonBordwehrMaurvirZaxares 6 votes
rested more than once per level
Permidion_StarkThacoBellAdam_en_tium 3 votes


  • leeuxleeux Member Posts: 115
    rested less than once per level
    From what I remember from last time I did it with a party, I normally rest when I'm almost out of the important spells... going from memory, I usually rest after taking care of the chromatic demon, and probably before the seal fight... maybe once more in the middle of that, and probably before either the dragon or the Demilich.

    But I usually wait until the level's portal to the outside is enabled if I can, so I can go outside and rest in the open, and not inside the dungeon... feels like something that makes sense to do!

    The actual last time I did it, was on a solo run, so I had to rest a bit more frequently due to that... so, it's all kind of fuzzy now...

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,599
    edited November 2019
    rested approximately once per level
    Likewise, for RP sake (and also if I'm in the middle of a romance) I wait until I've opened the level's portal to the outside and rest there, although how often I rest largely depends on party level and composition.

    Edit: I forgot the maze level, I rest a lot in there!

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    rested approximately once per level
    for me it really depend on the party i use.

    i prefer small parties, 3 or 4 people, with a lot of casting power and relying on their spells to be effective (cleric attack buffs and mage protections), and i rarely use pure fighters.
    so my parties have to cast spells to survive and be effective and even if i don't over buff and use my spells as wisely as i can i can not rely only on raw physical brute force using the casters only to disable protections or to give to the party the needed ones in some situations, ie chaotic commands against mind flyers.

    also i usually rest as soon as my tons get fatigued, years ago i used to go for days with the npcs complaining about fatigue, but now i don't see the sense of doing it, it is not what RL adventurers would do if a rest option is there.

    what is am sure about is that after a certain wk level, as soon as i have 2 juicy wish scrolls, or sometimes even before if i run a sorcerer and solo with him the first part of soa, is that i don't really need to rest as i can wish for the rest effects every time i want using the scrolls trough my mages PI.

    and still at that point i rest more often then i need, as i don't see any value in avoiding it, after some quest i sometimes rest in the best inn i can find, even if my toons are not fatigued and have full loaded spell books and items trough wish, only because every adventurer that is going trough harsh battles and situations deserves some luxury and good time as reward ;) .

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,287
    never rest
    I have done most of the options, but a core rules ToB party may not need to rest at all as 90% of WK encounters are average. The only encounters I would consider to be above average or difficult are the gambling Cambion , level draining shades in level 4 and the six guardians on level 5.

    Nowadays I usually go to WK having a 6 people party with about 3 million xp each , so I do rest between levels .

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    rested approximately once per level
    i usually go there much much earlier then when i have 3M xp, sometimes as 3rd or 4th soa quest, and when i am there i often can't refrain myself, wk levels are quite like cherries for me, "ok i pick one more, but it is the last...", and i always play on the hardest not LOB difficulty setting.

    i see how at 3M xp the WK battles are not so special, but do them when your level is the one you are supposed to do the trademeet quest or the temple ruins and then the real fun begins...

    as you can do WK both at the beginning of soa or near the end of ToB or any moment in between is really impossible to rate how hard is that dungeon for the party, as it can be anything form very easy to borderline to impossible.

  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 922
    rested approximately once per level
    I usually knock out at least down to the maze in chapter 2 or 3, so probably 1-2 rests per level. I don't head back for the seal room battle until chapter 6, though, but even then, I rest between seals unless it goes exceptionally well.

  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 153
    One of my most memorable “non scripted” encounters was while resting in the maze level of watchers keep. Ambushed by Alu Fiends in a no magic room, small party and already in bad shape from previous battles in the maze.
    But an Alu-Fiend without magic is an unusual fight and my party won, I think they gained 6 waters edge swords in that encounter
    Jahera dual-wielded two of them until the rest of the game

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