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Multiplayer save/possible bug?

Hey all, I've finally for the first time have been playing Baldur's Gate 2: EE along with my brother through a multiplayer game. Today once we loaded the game in(we're still in the intro dungeon btw) it essentially would act like we were just starting a new campaign, but our characters and party members were all where we had left them during the previous session, but all of our items/equipment were gone as well.

Has anyone experienced anything like this and if so, is there a fix? I know it's the beginning of the game, but I don't want to start over, make a save and then have the same thing happen.

Thanks all and safe travels.


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
    when you import a character, in single player or multiplayer mode, you import him with the levels and xp he had, but you start a new game, so without the items that he had.
    afaik this is intended.
    also the npcs you find in the dungeon will have levels and xp related to the one of charname, at least up to a certain cap, if you import a charname with 8Mxp they will not have 8M, if i am not wrong the cap is 2M and they improve in tresholds of 0.5M xp, but they also don't inherit the items they had in previous games.
    and they should be in the usual starting places, jaheira and minsc in their cages and joshimo in the first room of the second level, not in the places where you have left them in previous games.

    if you want a fix, but i would say that is more a cheat then a fix, you can use the console or EEkeeper to give them the items they had in the previous games, items that they are not supposed to have in the new one you just started.

    by the way many years ago i did try something similar, starting the game with a high level toon and giving him the items he had in the game from which i imported him.
    it was not fun at all, as the enemies somehow improve according to the party level, ie you can find a beholder and some gauths where at lower level you find only a couple of gauths, but they really don't keep up. the game becomes slaughtering monsters and enemies with no effort at all as you are so much more powerful then they are. you can have maybe 1/2 hour of fun, then it becomes completely pointless and boring.
    at least this was my experience.

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