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Viconia mods for BG I

mademan2mademan2 Member Posts: 47
Are there any? I am planning a fresh playthrough of a somewhat moraly ambiguous character, which s a pretty much first for me and so a first time I plan to have Viconia with me throghout the whole playthrough. I also plan to go through her romance in BG II since I heard its supposed to be pretty good.

That being said I am looking for Viconia mods for BG I to liven things up there a little bit, since its rather shallow on the banter side.
Whether its a romance mod for her or someone else adding banter, or just a banter mod with some friendly or unfriendly conversations, something adding a few quests to her, anything that comes to mind, I would be thankful :)

Also, any good mod for BG I in general would be nice, I probably dont have that many.

Thanks bunches.


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