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Fighting Demogorgon

I am planning to make a playthrough with a solo specialized mage. I will play with ScS in hardcore difficulty. I know that his hp is buffed to around 400 in SCS and immune to spells up to 6 or 7. He should also have high elemental resistance but not immune to magic. So my plan is to damage him with Abidalzhim whilting after reducing his spell resistance. But it won't be enough to take down that hp because of limited spell slots. Is there any other spell you can think of that can damage him? I am also using Tome and blood which changes project image so i won't be using it. Simulacrum also has spells up to level 7 with that mod so it won't cast additional Horrids.

Do you have other strats with solo mage? Another strat could be using black blade of disaster with tenser's trans and damage him after abidalzhims.


  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 201
    edited December 2019
    Try googling 'Alesia_BH' 'BG2' 'no reload' 'demogorgon'. It might've been with aTweaks Fiends installed which makes demons even more dangerous than vanilla+SCS; I vaguely remember keys being avoiding Balor vorpal hits/prioritizing getting rid of them, finishing off the fodder, then Demog himself, although this was for a no reload run with a non caster so priority will probably be different.
    Back in the day Alesia_BH was THE tactical guru of BG/BG2 solo runs. Might take a little digging, but you might find some good stuff along the way.

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