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BG2EE V2.0 issue with CLUA commands

I'm having some trouble after the update to 2.0. Whereas before I could type in, say, CLUAConsole:CreateItem("whatever"), now it comes back with an error telling me

[string "CLUAConsole:CreateItem("whatever")"]:1: error in function 'CreateItem',
argument #1 is 'Class CLUAConsole','CLUAConsole' expected.

No idea what this means, so if anyone could shed some light on the problem, I'd really appreciate it.


  • craymond727craymond727 Member Posts: 196
    Try using "C:" instead of "CLUAConsole:"

  • TyrRebornTyrReborn Member Posts: 11
    Cool that works, thanks a lot!

  • Clumsy_DwarfClumsy_Dwarf Member Posts: 112

    Try using "C:" instead of "CLUAConsole:"

    I might have missed it but shouldn't this have been in the patch notes? Not just for people that want to make superhero charicters but folks have been using the commands to get around bugs and such for 17 years now.

  • ShavVicShavVic Member Posts: 7
    As well, I'm trying to do a Good-aligned play-through, with Aerie being the romance partner. In order to avoid from having Jaheria instead of Aerie, as she's in the party, I've been meaning to use commands to advance the romance. I don't really trust old sources thus far (Pre 2.0 Guides), any advice?

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,161
    The actual commands should not have changed, just the initialization part at the beginning, i.e. everything before the colon. It's just "C" now; the rest should be the same as it has always been.

  • helimoenhelimoen Member Posts: 3
    Hello ! I've had problems regarding the CLUA Console code too ! It's the same message as TyrReborn so I've tried replacing "CLUAConsole:" by "C:".
    There's no error message but nothing happens...
    The code simply doesn't work...
    I just wanted to add a little bit of XP to my character because my current quest is quite difficult but I can't seem to make the code work...
    The same thing goes for creating items...
    Help please ? o:)

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,161
    edited January 1
    I believe the console interface has an option now with buttons to add gold/xp and explore the area (arguably the most commonly used features).

    You can, of course, still manually enter commands at the bottom (make sure to hit enter, and it doesn't always work with the numpad enter key, at least not on my computer).

    Here's some example commands:

    C:SetCurrentXP("100000") - will set the currently selected character to the specified XP value, in this example case 100,000 XP (note this is SET TO, not ADD; any number works, of course).

    C:CreateItem("HAMM09") - will create the item specified by the item code, in this example case Crom Faeyr. Every item in the game has its own item code you'll need to look up.

    C:CreateCreature("NEEBER") - will spawn the creature specified by the creature code, in this example case Neeber. Like with items, every creature and NPC in the game has its own creature code you'll need to look up.

    Make sure to follow the syntax, including brackets and quotation marks where indicated.

    If you want more information, check out the thread about game customization which has a lot of additional helpful info.

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