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Kangaxx missing body (arm and leg)

Hey everybody,

I messed my Kangaxx quest up. Can’t get the door open to reach the last two Items I need to summon him (I somehow fu+++ the cult of unseen quest up)
The door in the sewer is still locked somehow - no Gaal and whatsoever - quest finish thou. (I think I killed the cult)

So, can anybody help me? Any idea how to get through the door to get the two missing body parts? I tried pushin with summons my char over, no success. (Bear, ogre,...)

Playing on IOS (iPad)

Is there anybody who can help me? Been so stocked about killing Kangaxx.

Thanks in advance



  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 201
    edited December 2019
    There's one door that's pretty straightforward, just needs to be detrapped and unlocked normally, to reach one set.
    The other set is not locked behind 'a door in the sewer'. If you finished the Unseeing Eye quest you should have access to it without needing to unlock any doors... though you're saying contradictory things about whether that particular quest is finished or not.
    This is a very straight forward 'quest', that people often complete without even meaning to; not sure how you could've messed this up... unless you have a mod that alters the Kangaxx quest installed like Rezmod, in which case it's just a bit more involved.

  • dejanusdejanus Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for your time,

    I have finished the Unseeing Eye quest a long time ago. The door near the exit to Sewers is still locked.
    No mods installed - normal version from App Store.

  • dejanusdejanus Member Posts: 7
    edited December 2019
    Something came to my mind...i think I killed the beholder without using the rod or anything else.
    Maybe that’s why the door isn’t open?

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,215
    edited December 2019
    i almost every time kill him without using the rod, and it should not matter.
    but where did you kill him, in his lair or in the upper level?
    probably it is possible to find the way without
    getting from gaal the key you miss, the one that opens that door. this way you avoid to talk to sasser and if you talk with tad and give him the right answer maybe, i never did try that way, you can have access to the lower levels and you can find and kill the unseeing eye.
    but then i don't know how you can get out of that area and come back to continue your game.
    if it is possible it is a weird way to complete that quest, never meeting the diseased one, never assembling the rift and getting less loot and XP.
    if you did it that way see if you can find the key somewhere, if it is a quest item time does not destroy it, and as gaal had it is possible that you find it near the place where his corpse was.
    or if you did not even killed him go and try to talk with him to get the key or, if not possible, kill him and loot it. even if i am not sure that it is possible.
    other way face the consequence of playing in a weird way and live without the ring, it is not mandatory to have it to beat the game and have fun.

    if you have talked to gaal and got the key the door should be open, and a bug is occurring, but i don't think it is the case.

    i hope this can help you.

  • dejanusdejanus Member Posts: 7
    gorgonzola wrote: »
    but where did you kill him, in his lair or in the upper level?

    In the Upper Level .

    I looked everywhere, can’t find Gaal,
    Was ready to fight Kangaxx. isn’t even about the ring more of a challenge. Was also existed to try to quiver palm him (pretty sure wouldn’t work :P) but anyway.

    Pretty sure I rushed through the quest. My fault.

    Thanks a lot thou.


  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 201
    edited December 2019
    If you're desperate to take on K, I'm pretty sure you can use the cheat console to teleport past the door. A bit of research should turn up directions pretty easily.

  • dejanusdejanus Member Posts: 7
    Hey, playing on iPad. Pretty sure that’s not possible on iOS, right?

    ithildurnew thanks for your help

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,984
    so by the looks of it, what you did was;

    attack gaal

    he became hostile

    when he did, the beholder came

    you killed both gaal and the beholder

    went back to holmes in temple of helm *quest complete*

    to finish the unseeing eye quest you only have to kill the beholder, however you do it is irrelevent, as long as you do so

    so what you did was just skip a lot of steps and went straight to it basically

    the only problem with that is; gaal had the key, but it is NOT in his inventory, its a triggered scripted action for him to give it to you via dialogue

    so if this was the way you finished the unseeing eye quest you have 2 options;

    option 1: you have to do it all over again, lets hope that you play through isn't too far pass the point of starting over because option 2 sucks

    option 2: you are forever screwed, unless you can use ee keeper or some sort of cheat something er rather to import that item ( the key used to open the door ) then that door will forever be closed to you

  • dejanusdejanus Member Posts: 7
    Hey, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened. I knew I rushed this quest...I hate any game, hehe.
    Well, going to live with it. Next BG run I will do it the Right way.

    Thanks a lot for the support


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,215
    dejanus wrote: »
    Was also existed to try to quiver palm him (pretty sure wouldn’t work :P) but anyway.

    monks get the quivering palm ability at lev 13, but they have to reach lev 25, that will not happen in soa in a 6 people party, to have their fist hit as a +4 weapon, and at least +4 is what is needed to hit a demi lich.
    i did never try it, but i suspect that he is not immune to it, like is not immune to a high level enough cleric turn undead, but probably it is an option only for soloer monks or for late soa with a very small party, really overleveled, with the monk at least with 3.825 M xp. and even so it takes some luck or reloads to happen as it bypasses MR, but there is a ST check against spells.
    kangy has pretty good st, the boost from the ring, unless you have a thief that manages to pickpocket him in the split second he is still blue, and is immune to greater malison and doom, so there is almost no way to lower his ST.

    and every strategy that rely on multiple reloads to have an enemy fail to save against a spell, the same is to try to kill a dragon with cromatic orb reloading until it happens, imho is a lame strategy...

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,984
    you can hit level 25 with a monk in SoA with a 6 person party if you do watcher's keep first, usually when i finish SoA without watcher's keep i hit the 3.6+ million XP mark per 6 characters, although i do find it silly that you can access watcher's keep in SoA because it really trivializes SoA if you do so

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,215
    it depends on many factors.
    the original soa was designed in a way that a full completionist party starting in soa would hit the 3M xp mark right before the end of soa.
    starting importing from sod, so having a 400k+ xp boost, the EE npcs quests, doing wk or at least a part of it while in soa and using strategies to farm more xp, like turning to stone bosses, then to flesh and killing them to get double xp (and the loot), thing that is in the game mechanics, so somehow legittimate and not an exploit, or summoning vampires with the limited wish spell trough a low wis mage and killing them, thing that can be done as much as you want, it is a repeatable wish, make possible to have way more xp before the end of soa.
    so technically a monk can have a +4 fist in soa to hit the demilich in many ways.
    but as i told it is a strategy that has little chance to work, as you have to activate the palm in the right moment and hit him before he cast on you imprisonment and hope that he does not save, he has a save against spell of 1 and a boost of 2 on it by having the ring.
    then probably reload and try again... :)
    if the point is to prove to yourself that charname can one shot kill one of the nastiest enemies of soa ok, other way there are so many other ways a 6 people party can take down kangy way before, more reliable ways and ways that grant the use of the ring way before.

    the kangaxx battle is hard, but only for those that don't know how to deal with it, a first time player not spoiled (that does not have a berseker charname using staves) has almost 100% chance to fail it as probably will lack of weapons that can hit him, ignore his invulnerability to the spells they normally use and will not have the protections against is imprisonments, but once you know how to deal with it the vanilla demilich form of kangax is probably the easiest enemy of soa, and there are many ways to kill him, using the green scrolls or without them.

    anyway the ring is powerful, but it is perfectly possible to beat the game without it, as the OP has missed the chance rushing a quest i don't think that his game will be less successful an fun in any way without it.
    maybe to do the quests in the proper way, ie following the path suggested by the dialogues instead of attacking still blue people without a real reason, the mission was to investigate about a new cult to see if it was legittimate, not to go there and slaughter anyone, will have a greater impact on the fun and success of the gameplay...

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,984
    yeah, i've started many games fresh from ToB and they never give you a ring of gaxx, so even having subpar gear its possible to beat the game

  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 201
    edited January 6
    If one is inclined to rush through quests, attack blue characters, etc. it's entirely possible to run into other problems eventually to the point it becomes difficult to finish the game, Ring of Gaxx or no.

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