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Item Edit with NI

Im playing BG2EEi bought off GOG. Ive edited a ring of regeneration with NI and saved it to the override folder. As far as I can tell the only thing That changed is the item description text. I also Edited the winged's guantlets to be usable by anyone but that doesnt seem to work either. Anybody have a bit of help, or know where a tutorial is. I couldnt find one.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,811
    try starting a new game and see if your edited items are working as intended there

    sometimes a save file will "save" and item "as is" so then the only way to edit that would be to open the save game with NI and edit it there

    plus, are you sure you are saving your edits correctly? i know it sounds silly, but if you edit an item and then just close the window and even "accepting" changes might not 100% save your changes ( every time i edited and item i always hard saved it before i closed the window )

    also, is your override folder in the right spot? ( you don't want it to be in the "my documents" directory but the actual directory where your game is installed )

  • Jander912Jander912 Member Posts: 8
    I do hard save the edit before closing and the overide is not in My documents, but I did not think to start a new game. fortunately I'm only in Saradush so a restart wont be too bad. Thank you for the reply.

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