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Question around NWSync + Music files

I read in another thread that said that bmu and ambient music are now handled by resman and thus capable of being loaded from hak files.

I haven't got around to testing this in game -but I have noticed that when I have bmu files loaded in a hak file - the music is not showing up in toolset.
They loaded file when the music files were in the music directory however.

Is this a limitation with toolset just? Will bmu files be sync-able via nwsync when I publish my PW Mod?


  • WilliamDracoWilliamDraco Member Posts: 169
    It's just a toolset limitation. If they are included in the nwsync they should work fine.

    Although do file a bug report if they don't after testing.
  • BaaleosBaaleos Member Posts: 14
    Seems to be working now - not sure why it didnt work before
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