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How to Enable the Texture Tools Rollout in NWgMax_Plus v6.11.28

When you load GMax with the NWgMax_Plus plugin, the Texture Tools Rollout buttons are disabled. This is caused by an error in the coding of - located at C:\gmax\scripts\nwmax_plus\nw_ie_inc) - and us easily corrected by editing a few lines within the script.

On line 895, under “on nx_util5 open do ( “, change lines 899-901 to the following:
     btn_texlib.enabled = true
     btn_texlibmaker.enabled = true
     btn_minimap.enabled = true

The next time you open GMax, the Texture Tools will be enabled. Note, I haven't had a chance to test the actual tools, but they should be working as they worked in previous versions of the NWgMax export scripts and appear unchanged from those.


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