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SoD mods

ArthasIIArthasII Member Posts: 177
edited February 11 in BG:EE Mods
Are there SoD mods that actually fix its linearity? E.g bridge scene.

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  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 357
    It's kind of hard to "fix" (And I don't mind it overly much, to be honest.) There are side quests, but they truly do feel like side quests. In BG2 your "side quests" were required to proceed because you needed gold. There is a ton of content I missed on my first playthrough by not exploring different parts of an area, as well as some small side quests myself.

    It'd be a fun project though to try to make it de-linear. It would have been cool to walk a path where you actually did join Caelar. I can see some <CHARNAMES> actually doing that. It wouldn't be too hard to write since you're not making any new areas, but you would need to make sure it's not consequence free.

  • nysinysi Member Posts: 54
    edited February 13
    Like Wheel of prophecy for TOB?
    That's a good idea but require a lot of work.

    There is Shine on Caelar (From Roxanne) that allow siding with Caelar.
    I've added it to my game but never tested it as I spend more time tweaking, modding than playing the game..

  • SkitiaSkitia Member Posts: 357
    Ha, I can totally relate.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,134
    sod linearity never bothered me as much as tob's. your on a march so of course your not gonna be able to stay in one area for to long. and unlike tob there are actual side quests in sod as opposed to only like 3 in tob.

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