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Weird forum behavior.

since few days if i post on the forums in my participated threads page or in the directories the thread is marked as with a new message.
i go there and wow, it is my own message :) .
it never happened before, it has no sense at all, as if i post something i am already aware that my post is there.

i did not change my forums settings lately.
is it happening only to me or to everybody?
is it the wanted and expected behavior or not?
is there a way to fix it by my side or the forums admins have to do it?

i post it in this section, as it seems to me the most appropriate one, if not let me know and i will move the thread in the right one.



  • monicomonico Member Posts: 476
    edited February 16
    The same happens to me, but I'm not an old forumite so I thought it was normal and I just didn't notice it before.

    EDIT : illustration of how it looked after I posted:

    This behaviour is not limited to the phone version, also happens when I'm on the computer

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,371
    i am almost 100% sure that before it was not so.
    and any way like this it has no sense at all, not a real problem, but slightly annoying, you have to check who is the last poster every time that you see the new message warning to check that the poster is not yourself.

    so it is not only an issue of mine and is not related to the device you use, i am only using the pc so i was not sure about it.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,864
    I agree this is the result of a recent update and it would be nice if it was corrected ...

  • shabadooshabadoo Member Posts: 230
    Hahahaha!!! When I first saw the thread title I assumed it was about our weird behaviors while on the forum. I wasn't sure I wanted to know any your "weird" behavior, but just had to look. Now I'm both relieved and a little disappointed.

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