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Building & DMing a Persistent World Questions.

CZLumenCZLumen Member Posts: 2
I build a module, run a game, save it, let people log on and interact, I DM, fun is had, a dungeon is explored and the town is a bit safer.

Except I want to add more areas, more adventures, more stuff for players to do than what I originally built. I can save a game but I can't modify the sav file in the toolset, and the idea of having to go into the toolset and literally do everything any of the players did and have players start new sounds... weird.

I'm pretty sure I'm making this more complicated than it really is. I've tried messing with Nwnpacker, there's persistencefacade and NWNx that seems to work with SQL that I'm totally unfamiliar with, I can't figure out how to modify a sav file so I can expand a game that's been played or if it's even possible to run a persistent world and add content after launching it beyond basically making a new module.

In the toolset code I found some scripts regarding area cloning, making, instancing ect but nothing about modifying tiles or doors. So I'm pretty sure it's not doable in game.

What's the magic that I'm missing here? How can I build off a small module and grow a world? What steps/ resources do I need to learn and understand do something like this?


  • Carlo_OneCarlo_One Member Posts: 68
    edited October 2019
    Hello CZLumen, welcome to the DM/builder community!

    There's no real way around editing your module to add new content. Given the relative ease of doing this (deleting encounters/NPCs, adding new ones, adding or modifying areas) I would say that this is a feature rather than a problem. In contrast, it takes considerably more work to try and set up a lot of dynamic content in-game ahead of time, and is impossible in some cases (if you want to add areas, modify buildings, etc.) Some PWs (typically with dedicated staffs) may take this approach and have some impressive tech options, but that's more due to the desire to have 100% uptime for an ever-changing population, and still doesn't do away with the need to edit the modules to add content.

    Not sure what you mean by the players starting new. Each PC's bic file is saved automatically in a server vault game when they logout, so that is persistent across different module versions. (If you run a local vault game, there should be a prompt for players saving their characters on exit, although I think it's better to switch to server vault for a long-term game.) In terms of organizing play, one common practice is to have an OOC (out of character) arrival area where players come in at the beginning of a session. Any necessary pre-game discussions can be held there, extra XP given out, etc. then the DM jumps the PCs to wherever they are supposed to be in-game.

    DMs building and running their own campaign modules has been done for a long time, although the current fashion and general understanding seems to largely revolve around the PW model. I've had a weekly campaign going since 2004 (with a couple of long breaks) and have participated as a DM or player in several others that ran for months or years. It's entirely doable and provides a lot of scope for creativity, since you can build incrementally based on what is going on in the campaign and your own time constraints.

    For building and other campaign resources, I'd suggest looking at the Creating and Running a Neverwinter Nights Campaign guide, which covers things conceptually and also has a number of builder resource links.

  • CZLumenCZLumen Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the help and listening to me vent about my frustration here.

  • TarashonTarashon Member Posts: 18
    Hi there :)

    If i understand you right there are some options to easy your work all thou, as Carlo_One stated working with the toolset is simply something you'll have to get familiar with to change the world accordingly to your players actions.

    One would be to download an existing PW or huge model. That way you have lots of areas to your disposition and can merely let players explore them gradually.

    Secondly there are some persistancy systems available. These are usually used inside for furniture and such. But if your running a DM world you could put these system to work in every outdoor area and have your players create and place persistant structures outside.

    This way you "merely" have to focus on encounters and NPC's…

    Anyway best of luck with your project(s)


  • RifkinRifkin Member Posts: 132
    Can you explain what things you are looking to persist? Most of that can be done with scripting, you would need to let us know what it is you're trying to have stick around.

    For example: Placed placeables? Dead creatures? Killed NPCs? etc... Let us know what it is you are trying to have stick around and we can provide ways you could achieve that.

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