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BUG report: buying/stealing Vocalise Scrolls from Lazarus in Saradush

In the latest version of BG2EE, the process of obtaining these scrolls from Lazarus doesn't behave properly:

* There are TWO entries for two scrolls each for Vocalise, which is unusual as no other scrolls have double entries
* Clicking on one entry to buy/steal selects ALL instances of these scrolls -
* This makes it impossible to remove one entry, thus making stealing these scrolls from the store impossible, and making buying less of these scrolls impossible.

Suggested solution:

* Remove one entry of Vocalise scrolls from the store to bring in line with all other scrolls
* Fix the single entry (of two scrolls) so they behave like all other entries for scrolls in this store, so they can be purchased/stolen as either one or two scrolls from the entry, as required.



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