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Need some help with compiling nw_c2_default7

ArxerisdamArxerisdam Member Posts: 2
edited March 3 in Builders - Scripting
Hi everyone!
I need some help im trying to edit the script nw_c2_default7 but when i try to compile it i get the next message:
Error. 'nw_c2_default7' did not compile.

the line 63 of nw_i0_generic.nss is this:
//Master Constants
int NW_FLAG_SPECIAL_CONVERSATION        = 0x00000001;

i notice the script doesnt compile even even without the changes.

i really need some guidance on this

thanks in advance.

This is the script im trying to change:
  Default OnDeath event handler for NPCs.

  Adjusts killer's alignment if appropriate and
  alerts allies to our death.
//:: Copyright (c) 2002 Floodgate Entertainment
//:: Created By: Naomi Novik
//:: Created On: 12/22/2002
//:: Modified By: Deva Winblood
//:: Modified On: April 1st, 2008
//:: Added Support for Dying Wile Mounted

#include "x2_inc_compon"
#include "x0_i0_spawncond"
#include "x3_inc_horse"

void main()
    int nClass = GetLevelByClass(CLASS_TYPE_COMMONER);
    int nAlign = GetAlignmentGoodEvil(OBJECT_SELF);
    object oKiller = GetLastKiller();

    if (GetLocalInt(GetModule(),"X3_ENABLE_MOUNT_DB")&&GetIsObjectValid(GetMaster(OBJECT_SELF))) SetLocalInt(GetMaster(OBJECT_SELF),"bX3_STORE_MOUNT_INFO",TRUE);

    // If we're a good/neutral commoner,
    // adjust the killer's alignment evil
    if(nClass > 0 && (nAlign == ALIGNMENT_GOOD || nAlign == ALIGNMENT_NEUTRAL))
        AdjustAlignment(oKiller, ALIGNMENT_EVIL, 5);

    // Call to allies to let them know we're dead

    //Shout Attack my target, only works with the On Spawn In setup

    // NOTE: the OnDeath user-defined event does not
    // trigger reliably and should probably be removed
         SignalEvent(OBJECT_SELF, EventUserDefined(1007));


  • ProlericProleric Member Posts: 749
    Close the script editor. Open your script again and compile. This time it will work.

    What you're seeing is a long-standing bug in the script editor / compiler.

    Every now and then, out of the blue, when you compile a script, it will fail, complaining of some spurious problem in an include file (which is not the script you're compiling). This is invariably fixed by recompiling or reopening & recompiling.

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