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Aerie/Hexxat (spoiler warning)

I'm in an SOA playthrough atm but I understand that in TOB, these 2 lovely ladies get in a fight so you'll lose one. Is there any way to prevent losing one of them? For example, when they start the fight, has anyone tried to imprison them and then you can add them both back into the party?


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,584
    usually when the npcs start a fight you loose the control over the game and they do what is scripted, at least it is what happens when keldorn and viconia fight (other way i don't think that he would have a so easy victory, as she after reaching a certain level can turn him at will).
    but as i feel that hexxat is too evil for my taste i never had her in the party so i am not sure that the EE developers implemented the thing in the same way.

    probably there is some mod that let you avoid conflicts between the npcs, for the not EE game it surely exist and works fine, and wanting to have both at your side is probably the better thing that you can do.

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