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Help on a build

Im a long time player of BG and want to do another run all the way through before BG3 . I usually go along the build of Ranger dual weilding and ranged but want to try something new. My party will most likely consist of
Imoen,Viconia,Edwin,Minsc, Neera. I dont usually go a mage and

Just looking for advice on a fun build that can also hold there own.


  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 804
    You'd probably want a melee character with that party composition. Half-orc fighter/thief, half-elf fighter/mage/thief, or half-elf fighter/druid might work for you.

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 466
    Unfortunately Edwin and Neera won’t be together in the same party. Edwin and Minsc is also a highly tricky double act, Minsc will almost certainly chunk the stupid simian

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 476
    as @ilduderino said, Edwin conflicts with Neera and Minsc, although for the latter, if you "take care" somehow of Dynaheir, it might be possible to keep Minsc & Edwin in the same party even in BG1 & SoD.

    I guess your goal was to have the same party for the whole trilogy. About that, note that Imoen is not available in SoD (she has a few appearances, but won't join your party).

    Here are the NPCs that can follow you for the whole games (although some appear along the way in SoD and not right at the start):
    - Jaheira
    - Minsc (conflicts moderately with Edwin)
    - Neera (conflicts with Edwin)
    - Viconia (conflicts with Rasaad)
    - Dorn
    - Edwin (conflicts with Minsc & Neera)
    - Rasaad (conflicts with Viconia and myself)

    I guess you could either try for a evil-aligned party with:
    - PC (some kind of thief, or part-thief at least)
    - Viconia
    - Dorn
    - Edwin
    - maybe Jaheira too ? (despite her goody behaviour, she doesn't conflict with any of the above)

    Or a more good-oriented:
    - PC
    - Minsc
    - Jaheira
    - Neera
    - Rasaad (erk)
    - Imoen (when she's available)

    The good thing about that 2nd party setup is that you can be anything you want since all basic roles are covered. And when Imoen is not available and you need a thief, just recruit a thief NPC in SoD, and take Yoshimo until you get Imoen back in BG2.

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