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PS4 patch? PS:T is completely broken

Is there a patch coming soon/in the works for the PS4 edition of PS:T?
The game is completely broken and unplayable in its current state on PS4. The disappearance of text, graphic noise text replacement, and constantly crashing to the blue error screen are way beyond acceptable. I’ve filed two error reports, and I know many other people experiencing the same issues have as well and I have not seen any updates on the state of the game.
Please let customers and fans know what’s going on, this was a $50 dollar purchase, and at the moment it’s completely broken.
Looking forward to hearing about updates, please don’t let us down Beamdog.



  • The_craig1986The_craig1986 Member Posts: 2
    My copy of PS:T is completely unplayable at this point. The last update i got was "Before we commit to any patch work on consoles, we need to evaluate all the feedback and all the reports. "
    I don't have much hope that the game will be patched any time soon. Really feel like I just gave my money away for nothing.
    Icewind dale is fun but it's not really what i wanted the bundle for.

  • Gamey_JamieGamey_Jamie Member Posts: 19
    edited February 14
    This comes as sad news. Have just started a playthrough so I can only hope that I avoid the bugs you've come across or its patched by the time I get to them.

    **Update** turns out I'm not immune from the glitches either. Game crashed when I try to sell items with the traders in the market. Have taken the advice on here and logged a fault. Fingers crossed for a patch asap because this should have really been picked up during playtesting surely? I'm only an hour or so into the game.

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  • ChrelinChrelin Member Posts: 1
    I only play games on playstation and have been looking forward to Planescape Torment on PS4 for ages. Got the game in the mail today. The inventory button doesnt work. This was my favourite game on pc back in the day. I seriously almost cried when it didnt work and im a grown man with a full beard. Please fix this bug asap. My life depends on it. (I even got the ultimate collectors box with the Morte squishy!)

  • BlackwaterjackoBlackwaterjacko Member Posts: 1
    This text glitch is making the game unplayable on PS4. I played it on my phone and didn’t have any of these problems. Please fix this

  • ProsiaqProsiaq Member Posts: 2
    This is just ridiculous - disappearing text, crashes, empty journal... And it's been already few months since the last patch was added, so I guess there won't be any new one coming. WORST PORT EVER.

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