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This game is awesome

First time playing in 15 years and I forgot how awesome this game is. Currently going in to Chapter 3 after doing literally everything that was available in Ch 2, including the tougher fights(both dragons, Twisted Rune, Kangaxx, etc). First time playing with the New NPC's and mostly enjoyed each of their quests and the new area maps.

Current custom party of 5 consists of:
Protagonist-F/M MC 12/12 wielding Celestial Fury and Dakkons Zerth Blade
Inquisitor-14 wielding Carsomyr
R/C MC 11/12 wielding Flail of Ages and Defender of Easthaven
F/T MC 12/14 wielding Frostreaver and Stonefire
(Shields suck)
Sorcerer 15 wielding Staff of the Magi
-any advice, tips, opinions on Weapons to plan for in the future with this crew? I plan to take this party through ToB

Never experimented with the Multi Class stuff when I used to play, but I love how versatile they can be. All three can also hold their own in Melee. It's been fun running around Athkatla, on to save Imoen! This game has been such a pleasant distraction and time suck during the current situation!



  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,584
    edited March 31
    jsaving wrote: »
    I'd personally pair celestial fury with kundane on FT as both weapons can backstab
    as i don't have problems with micromanaging i always remove the OH weapon before stabbing because i want to be sure that the weapon that deals the stab is the one of my choice, and often with multi i even use a dedicated stabbing weapon, as celestial fury is very god for it if you are lucky and roll a high damage or even better if you stun the stabbed foe, but the staff of ryn and the staff of striking (consuming charges) or after the staff of the ram give a higher minimum stab damage, that imo is more important then the maximum one if someone bases his game on reliability and not on luck. multi can only become specialized so have plenty of pips to invest, while with dual you probably want to push towards GM so the luxury to have a dedicated stabbing weapon is not an option.

    not that what you told and i quoted is wrong, only different play styles to help the OP gain more perspective and decide his own play style.

    @JQuailman as soon as your FT reaches HLA and gets UAI he can equip the Staff of the Magi, that can not stab, but is as good as carsomyr to dispel on hit and super useful to hide right after a stab, don't be afraid to ask to your sorcerer to give it to the FT when that can be useful to your tactics :wink: . even more if you have 2 pips in staff, and he should have them as the axes can not stab, but are very good mlee weapons, and in late tob you get a super powerful axe (you get it earlier, but only late game you can have it upgraded).
    staff of ram to stab and immediately after switching to the SoTM to go away invisible and hide again to repeat is super powerful also in some ToB battles.
    unless you decide to change your FT weapons choice according to what @jmerry tells.

  • JQuailmanJQuailman Member Posts: 20
    Just finished ToB with this group. hit the 8 mil cap on all of them. Weapons changed a bit.
    FM went to axe of the unyielding and angurvadal
    RC kept FofA and got CF
    -Free Action was a bummer with FofA final upgrade :/
    My crazy brother got the Ravager
    FT got Staff of the Ram(holy shit backstabs)

    Really fun play through. Gonna start a party in BG1 and take it all the way through ToB, happy gaming.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,584
    i often leave FoA +4 f to be able to improve haste the toon, is less damaging, but the chance to slow the enemies that imo is its main advantage, as has a fixed 30 or 33% chance to happen, ignoding saving throws, so also at very high levels, is the same.

  • AewyrvenAewyrven Member Posts: 228
    If you have the patience and want to rerun it.... try a 25 dancer dialled to a 28 cleric and really giggle.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,584
    edited April 13
    thief lev 25 needs 3.3Mxp, cleric 26 needs 4.05Mxp so you complete the dual at 7.35Mxp, as @JQuailman plays with a 6 people party it is very near the end of ToB.
    so i would not say giggle, but suffer and whine for the 95% of the whole ToB.
    At least all SoA is played as sigle class dancer, that is a fun class, but it is the only positive thing i find in your suggestion.
    nothing wrong about having patience, but it has sense only if the reward is worth it, and imho to gain 4.05xp as an underleveled cleric, more then 3Mxp behind the level a cleric should have only to play probably the last couple of battles as a super strong dual is a price way too high for a very short lasting reward, lasting probably only a couple of good battles, when anyway a 6 people party is super strong and a super charname is not so useful.

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