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Siege of Dragonspear and Romance Cheats

Hello! I finally managed to buy the Siege of Dragonspear and I've read that you can continue the romance with Neera through it, but since I have only romanced Neera with the help of the Neera Expansion mod, I was wondering if there is a mod, a tweak or whatever way that would allow me to romance her with a female character?


  • KhyronKhyron Member Posts: 543
    This might be entirely wrong.. and it might be entirely right, but it's based on knowledge on how the variables worked way back in the olden days.

    If you play as female, but use the Eternity Keeper to alter your gender to male a moment BEFORE you meet Neera, then there is a gender and racial check which sets the global to either yes or no for RomanceMatch.
    (The variables i refer to are not to be taken so literally as to go look for them, because i can't remember exactly how they were written)
    Once you've met Neera and recruited her, you should be able to safely use Eternity Keeper and swap your gender back to female.. so you'll have to suffer being male for about 45 seconds.

    But as i said.. this is knowledge of how things worked back in the days.. like.. 20 years ago.
    No idea how the enhanced editions handle this, but the recipe back then was easy and worked fine.. so why change it.

    As i come to an end of my rant, a much better idea springs to mind.. the BG TweakPack.. i am 99.9% sure it contains a romance cheat which disables gender requirements.
    But you might need some mod conforming tool thing whatever, to use mods with SoD.. i have no idea what it's called because i simply can't remember, but you'll find it around these forums somewhere.. something about making mods not break BG1:EE because SoD expansion is basicly a .rar file and that screws with the overrides..

    I'm sorry if this is unintelligible rambles for you, but it's what i got at this hour on a saturday..

  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,663
    For the original pre-EE characters, there are global variables such as CheckAerieMatch and AerieMatch, which will be set to 1 if the match is considered valid and not set at all otherwise. They may also be set even before you meet the romance target; I once changed a character's sex in Irenicus' dungeon and continued on to simultaneously romance Aerie and Anomen after meeting them latter.

    The EE characters are designed to me more modular, and don't use the same system. Looking at a save I've got, those "Match" variables don't exist for the EE characters; there's just stuff like "RasaadRomanceActive". The romance variables do at least follow the same convention as the original romances; 1 is active, 2 is committed, 3 is ended. Setting "NeeraRomanceActive" to 1 might allow you to romance her despite not meeting the prerequisites.

    Then again, this is all BG2 stuff. The BG1 versions of the romance only show variables like "NeeraRomanceTimer", and I don't have SoD to check that. It looks to be yet another system there.

    TL;DR: get help from an experienced modder. My quick scan of the forums here didn't find any existing mod that opens up the romances as you want.

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