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PUBLIC BGEE server up often "The Roasted Kobold Tavern & Inn" (T&i) JOIN and PLAY

Hello Community of Badasses who keep the most badass game going!!!
I have been playing BG trilogy and Infinite Engine games since 2000.
Recently I have been playing BGEE and putting up my server... alas not many people looking to join a public game all the time: So here I am posting INFO and basic rules for the server... and please JOIN AND HAVE FUN, LETS PLAY SOME D&D.!!
1) No cheat character builds.
2) Roleplaying is optional. but stick to your alignment more'- less.
3) I enjoy tactical game play so pausing is optional but encouraged if smart tactics and discussion are to be used.

Server has title "Roasted Kobold Tavern & Inn"


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