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Baldur's gate not enhanced edition- playing the TOSC expansion

I am playing Baldur's gate, TOSC and am up to the last battle with Kaishas on werewolf island and there is an error. When I hit control-alt-delete it says:

An Assertion failed in D:\Dev\chitin\ChVideo.ccp at line number 5389.

Basically she keeps repeating the conversation and multiplying. I have to pause and maybe i can do something, however can not get past it. It just keeps repeating no matter what. I tried using area spells to kill her when she is not on the screen and the same thing keeps happening. I tried to cast invisibility on a character to walk by her and the way is blocked since it is on a bridge. I loaded the entire game onto the computer. operating on windows 10 version 1909.

If there is a way to bypass this I need the help, otherwise the game is stuck. I tried multiple saved games and all have same issue. If there is a way to edit the file, please give me some walk through steps. I was trying to search in the game files but did not know what i was looking for.

This stinks because i have played the game multiple times with crashing issues and this is the farthest i have been, and so close to the end. Please tell me what to do.

Thank you.
If this is in the wrong place let me know and move to correct spot.


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